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I will have love to talk about my favorite birds but thats not why am here,hope you all woke up fine?

Sex or sack job as we all know is still going on in so many organizations and it might be our kid or brothers kids who is going through all of that.we all know how difficult it is to get a dream job and the one we have we try with all means to protect it but can you protect your job with your body??

I believe every one reading this goes through difficult times in their respective organization ranging from quarrel from his/her boss etc.but in my opinion in as much as i love my job i cant sleep with my superior to keep my place in the office because if you want to sleep with them please ask your self this few question HOW LONG WILL I KEEP SLEEPING WITH HIM/HER? if you can answer that then do your decide.

Who ever is going through this in his/her life before you react towards the sexual harassment just know that the job you where hired to do those not include sex so kingly tell them to BACK OFF .. but you can as well do as you where ask to by your boss if sex is included in your employment.keep living guys i love you all..


Workplace is only for not for s-x if doing this in your work place I can say u have to join por- industry. Where you can only do this thing 😜😜

@monukumar95 are you saying you never seen bosses who make sexual approach to their staff and treating to sack them if there refuse?

you can say that but if this situation happen to me. it better for me search for new job.

@saw-scaled why should we include sex in our work place we should say No when situation happened

Absolutely you're right.Should say no if do not want.

@jannatehimachal i know but what if there promise to sack you if you refuse?

Having some kind of sexual affairs in the work place shows indiscipline. This does not happen in movies alone, it still happens in real life.. I think those that ask for sex before employment should listen to their conscience and consider what if their relatives were victims??
We should learn to love one another as ourselves..

@tomgodswill thanks for the advice but humans behave most times like animals. there always wants to satisfy their flesh...GOD WILL ALWAYS HELP US.

Good post ... sex is in our nature that is how this world is full of humans. You might be health, attractive and people might have crush on you but I believe it is you who decide that with whom you are going to sleep and how many times ;)

yeah but what will you advice those who fine their sel in that kind of organization?

I believe we all have desires, of different type and we use different ways for the achievement/satisfaction. Rather it is happening in an office or in a club if one party is not happy and being pushed to do what he/she is not interested to do willingly, this is wrong in my books.

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auf jeden fall richtig

i up vote please up vote

Wow this is really Nice

Well the perfect solution is to tell them that you're a gay or a lesbian :P

@preetika for me is not the best option..

It is an everyday occurrence and a lot of folks would willingly do the exchange just to keep their job

@austine1776 sorry to ask which country are you from?

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