My beloved Venezuela

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My beloved Venezuela, you are currently beaten, sad and abandoned, we have been witnesses for 19 years of this great deception, that these people who are currently in charge, the only thing they have come to do is steal without caring for his brother . For many young people (including me), it is the only government we have seen.


But my beloved Venezuela your moment to re-emerge comes soon. The people who hurt you will be far away from you, your children who fled in search of a better future will come back with experiences and knowledge that will help your reconstruction. The time to leave that constant fear is approaching, the time is approaching to recover our essence that was taken from us. Very soon my beloved Venezuela, we´ll meet again.
_MG_9004-Editar 1.jpg

Talking about this issue is very difficult for me, but for all Venezuelans it is inevitable. It is something that we see every day and every time it gets worse. But I do not lose hope of watching my beautiful country rise up again.

All the photos were made by my Canon Rebel XS with a 55-250mm lens


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Excelente propuesta! Muy buenas fotos! Y, definitivamente, una imagen vale más que mil palabras... El talento venezolano dando la talla ♥
Te upvoto, reestimeo y te sigo!

Muchas garcias!! Aprecio tu apoyo!

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Thanks for the support guys!

@photcircle brought me to you! What an awesome post, wonderful photos! Congrats!

Thanks bro! I'm really glad you like it. I hope to see more of your work soon

Excelente trabajo y lo que trasmites a través del amor y dolor que compartimos por nuestra tierra.


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