Quick update on the process of submitting posts to Curie

in curie •  last year

For all Curie curators - we had to introduce a small change in the way posts are being submitted to platform for reviewing. Once you submit a post you like on https://streemian.com/guild/curie paste the link to the post on our discord server, in the curator-submissions channel. For those of you who are not on Discord, you can join us by following this link https://discord.gg/jQtWbfj

Any comment to accompany the post you should also write in the curator-submissions channel, not on streemian.com.

Sorry we had to introduce this additional step - we'll try to come up with a better solution soon.

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Thank you for keeping us informed, with your excellent updates, I follow them and support them every day.

I believe this is for the betterment of the steem and steemit blockchain.

Sorry we had to introduce this additional step -

Dont worry. This kind of thing work as filter for bots and zzzombie people.

I think is a good idea!

@curie ### i am eagerly waiting.plz give the better solution soon.

thanks curie for the latest update

Thanks so much for this update

thank you for the information for this post. i always support you, and see you be a witness

Curie always knows whats best. Am sure the curators will adjust pretty well