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RE: The Community Curators are Back…

wow really it is great change , i 100% agree, so i will try my best to create my team, yeah welcome to my team, who is ready to join my team ,, i think it is great change, i would like to share my past experience as curator ans present also,, in many project, nice ,, boom boom steemit


I agree with you .

Lifestyle - health, fitness, sport, leisure, food, gardening, travel..

We will have 7 curators from seven countries working together in this category.

Inshah Allah dear

Hi Assalamualaikum @yousafharoonkhan, I have sent you a friend request

Yes sir @yousafharoonkhan i am here for your team.

Hi!!! How are You?? @albaandreina, @yancar and my person we want to make a team. What do You think??

isgledys#4585 this is my Discord ID

Yes that is really great initiative and I am very positive to work together in the regards.

I will like to join your team
Am from Ghana
This is my discord ID


@yousafharoonkhan hello,I would love to join your team. I hope this message meets a slot still available for me. Hope to hear from you.

I am ready to be part of your team .

Hello sir of you want I can join from India

My discord if You still looking isgledys#8545 wey are three feom Venezuela, one Nigeria and one indonesia

Can't find you on discord mam can you text me I am monz#7477 on discord

Good to see your participation, I am sure you will execute this very well with your valuable experience. best of luck.

@yousafharoonkhan Assalamualaikum sir, If you need any member for your team please contact me. This is my discord Id seapearl#3916 thank you.

Hello friend, if you still have vacancy to join your team let me know, I sent you a friend request to the discord.

Hello @yousafharoonkhan, do you still have a space? I'm readily available and give a great support as a team member.
Nationality: Nigeria
Language: English
Interests: Fitness, health and wellness

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