Curators Team Application [Lifestyle - health, fitness, sport, leisure, food, gardening, travel] by SteemGifters.


Hello, @steemitblog

Here we are! Ready to start.

We are 7 charismatic young people of different nationalities, ready to work as a team to help strengthen our platform, we believe and trust in the new dynamics and strategies that are being generated inside steemit, because the world is constantly evolving and we can’t be left behind.
Once we consolidated the team, we started communicating and we realized that we have common interests to cure contents related to:

Lifestyle - health, fitness, sport, leisure, food, gardening, travel.

And so it can be seen in the description of each of the members "SteemGifters".



My name is Bang Mimi. I Live in Indonesia.

I am an Indonesia Promoter and already have legality in the PromoSteem community and Business Promoters in the Business Activity community.

As an active Steemit user, I actively promote youth and community leaders in Indonesia. Then I was also entrusted as a coordinator at the weekly PromoSteem Learn With Steem "Go Around to Caffe and Resto" event in Indonesia. I work with promoters around the world.


My Name is Abdul Qayyum Rajpoo. I live in pakistan.

I'm 21 years education is IT (Information Technology). I'm since oct , 2017 active member of steemit platform.I'm admin of steem lifes community. Iam also working as a active member in many communities. I am a #club75 #club5050 members of steemit.

I am very happy that I am now a part of this team and will work hard. I am also pro comers on newcomers community. And I also work as a logo designer of my job.




I am Adean Garcia:

I want you to see what I am, and what I intend to be in steemit, I am passionate, with a sense of belonging, I give all of me to receive the same in return, my little way on the platform has been great but I want it to be super cool, I am MOD in, I know what healing means, I am a collaborator in @scouts and I know what loyalty means, I am starting in the Steem Brotherhood community because I know how much it fills the heart to help others, so I hope you trust me and my team.

I am on the platform since April 2021 , I currently have a little over 1600SP and a reputation of 64.6, numbers that represent my humble walk through this ecosystem. Thanks for the opportunity.


It´s a pleasure to greet everyone, and have the opportunity to introduce myself as a member of this great team that applies to be part of the community curators. My name is Isgledys Duarte studied Bachelor of Mathematics Education mention in Computer Science I am from Venezuela part of the Steemit family since January 2018. I have two girls of 13 and 4 years, currently an active member of the Steemit cryptoacademy and participate in the activities organized in the different communities that make up the platform, especially on issues related to writing, recreation and food. In addition to being part of the kindness activities and Meet up in my hometown with peers from my state.




I am an automotive engineer, but my current job is steemit. I belong to the new generation of the platform committed to its growth, is one of the reasons why I think that our union is a strength to be taken into account as curators, we all fulfill this premise.

I lead Contest - "Object of the Week", Heading "Handmade", Steemit-quiz "Guess the Movie", and I'm happy that I am already a Dolphin.


Hello friends, it is a pleasure to be part of this wonderful team that is applying for Community Curators, this would be a great opportunity for all of us who believe and trust in the steemit platform that with it we have had a better life.

My name Alba Andreina in steemit @albaandreina I am 31 years old by profession Bachelor of Gerontology, Master in Public Health Management, Speaker and yoga instructor.

I came to this platform in 2018 and I really fell in love, I have focused on the topics of health, fitness, recreation and the diary game.
Today I am the leader of the Falcón Region in the #scout community and I have also entered and instructed many people in steemit.




Hello @steemitblog, I am so glad to have gotten the information that the Curators are back, it also gladdens my heart to know that opportunity is opened for anybody who wants to apply as far as they meet up with the requirement.
While contemplating on who to contact in other to form a team, @yancar contacted me through telegram and requested that I should join him with other members to form a curation team.
Here is a brief description of myself:

My name is UbongUdofot, but I answer @ubongudofot on the steemit platform. I am From Nigeria and I have been on steemit since May 2021 till date. I have been supporting @worldsmileproject, @adollaraday, and @steem.welding and I belong to both of those charity project teams.

I believe in teamwork.


As you may realize these names may not be as familiar as others but we are active steemians in our different communities, always looking for the future of the platform from different points of view, through exclusive and quality publications, promoting steemit in our communities attracting people and instructing them, performing acts of kindness and charity towards the needy and last but not least being constant, disciplined and organized people always leaving constructive messages to our fellow steemians this is what makes us a good team.

It should be noted that we are people with all the willingness to work as community curators, with experience to carry out this great task, we consider ourselves a people capable of achieving every challenge we face, that is to say "We are the size of the challenge we set ourselves" which is a strength since the renewal of strategies combine perfectly with new faces, coupled with the fact that this will make us work in a committed and effective way to achieve the primary objective which is the greatest coverage of users with equal opportunities for all.

In this sense, schedules will be established according to the time zone of each member of the team, in order to carry out the curation and specifically taking care of the voting power of the curator account; each user will have a schedule between 3 and 6 hours to make the selection of content, verification of plagiarism and then the vote of the account. For this purpose, we have proposed the strategy that each member of the team will work one day whit the curatorial account, as follows.

UserDay of the week

This strategy can be changed or adjusted in order to optimize results.

Proper compliance with the rules, use of tags, markdown, participation in club5050, club7575 and club100 will be taken into account, this will encourage the creation of quality content and we will have zero tolerance for plagiarism.

There are many tools to detect plagiarism such as Duplichecker, Quetext and Antiplagiarism, which will facilitate the detection of plagiarism, likewise we are open to new suggestions on this topic.

Without further ado, we would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given us and we trust in your selection criteria for the election of the community curators.

Let's keep growing together.



We are a new perfect generation and therefore an ideal team! I am happy to be in this friendly and loyal team! Our team aims to improve the contribution and growth of the platform, support as many good authors and newcomers as possible, develop activity and stimulate authors. We're the best!

You are absolutely right my friend 🤗.

Hello my friend!! I like the phrase "new generation" that's right, that's how we are, and we believe in new opportunities and thank God steemit gives us all that opportunity to grow.

Wow, what a great team filled with young faces, this is great. We are out for work and it's a no joke game.

We believe in hardwork, team work and Justice. Let's get it started guys. I am glad to be part of this team.

Do your best my friend, Steem On!

Thank you, My Friend, we would continue to steem ON !!

We are a super team! I'm happy to be with you!

Hello, nothing comes without effort and dedication. And we are well aware of the commitment we are willing to take on and carry out successfully.

Exactly. We would achieve this greatness together.

I am happy to be part of a team with so much enthusiasm and desire to be better every day, full of dreams and goals that we want to consolidate.

We aim to consolidate our platform and contribute more and more every day to its growth. And part of this work is to reach out to different authors and reward them for their quality work.

Happy and motivated users create better and better content, that is, they keep active and even invite new users to be part of this wonderful family that is steemit.

@isgledysduarte We are young and great team with much to offer, it will be great working with you as a team.

Así es amigo, yo también pienso como tú. Si tiene éxito, ayudaremos y llegaremos a más usuarios activos creativos en la sección de amigos seleccionados que tomamos.


Benar sekali kawan, saya juga memikirkan seperti anda. Jika berhasil maka kita akan sama-sama membantu dan menjangkau lebih banyak pengguna aktif yang kreatif di bagian teman kurasi yang kita ambil.

We can make it happen!


This is great guys, we are all ready and we will do our best. Hopefully we will get special support and attention from the Steemit Team.

If it works, then we will work together and do our best to support many active users in the community. I hope the best.

Hopefully, the Steemit Team will provide an appropriate assessment for the progress and development of the Steem community in the future. Let's get ready, cooperate and do our best. Steem On!


Ini hebat kawan, kita semuanya siap dan kita akan melakukan yang terbaik. Semoga saja kita mendapatkan dukungan dan perhatian khusus dari Tim Steemit.

Jika itu berhasil, maka kita akan bekerjasama dan bekerja semaksimal mungkin dalma mendukung banyak pengguna aktif di komunitas. Saya berharap yang terbaik.

Barharap, Tim Steemit memberikan penilaian yang sesuai untuk kemajuan dan perkembangan komunitas Steem dimasa yang akan datang. Ayo bersiap, berkerjasam dan melakukan yang terbaik. Steem On!


I'm @bangmimi Indonesian promoter from Indonesia

I'm glad to be with you!

Me to @strecoza, if you have time call me via Telegram.

If the steemit users are waiting for the result in the election of the curators with much hope that their work will be rewarded. And that's what we want.

Terimakasih atas dukungan Anda sobat, kami sangat termotivasi dan kami menjadi lebih bersemangat. Steem On!

Thank you very much @janettyanez, we sincerely appreciate your support.

Thank you very much for your support, God bless you.

Thank You For your wishes @janettyanez

Thanks for the support!

Muchísimas gracias 😊 por tu apoyo 😊.

Hola mi vida muchas gracia por tu apoyo.

Here we come, we are knocking on the door, committed young people, new blood, steemit needs it.

We are ready to render our great steemians some cool services. Thank you my brother @yancar.🤗🤝

Hola amigos, que gran grupo lleno de grandes personas comprometidas con la plataforma y dispuesta siempre a ayudar. Estoy muy segura que realizarán un gran trabajo porque conozco su compromiso y responsabilidad.
Muchos éxitos!!

Thank you very much @analuj1992 for wishing us success and your kind words🤗. Please let's steem on, we would get there.

Gracias mi amigo de
Venezuela, Gracias por apoyarnos. Saludos a su familia allí y buena suerte.


Terimakasih sahabatku dari Venezuela, Terimakasih sudah ikut mendukung kami. Salam untuk keluarga anda disana dan semoga berkah.

Thanks, we'll do it!

Hola amiga un gusto saludarte! Y agradecer tus deseos y en apoyo brindado a nuestro equipo!

Les deseo Muchos éxitos , todos son personas comprometidas, responsables y lo más importante que aman steemit con todo su corazón, estoy segura que están capacitados para este importante paso dentro de la plataforma .

Thank you so much @babyzav1, you are indeed a lover of good thing. We appreciate your kind words.

De hecho, eres sabio, sabes cuán consistentes hemos sido en apoyar a la comunidad y la plataforma está creciendo en una mejor dirección.


Anda memang bijaksana, anda tahu bagaimana konsistensi kami selama ini dalam mendukung komunitas dan platform semakin berkembang ke arah yang lebih baik.

Hola baby!!! Que lindo leerte! Gracias por apoyarnos y espero leerte pronto!!! Vamos Steem on!!

Young and vibrant people fully ready to push!. I love the spirit of team work. Ride on!!
Steemit, we moveeeee

Yes, our team is vibrant @chiomzy810, thank you very much for your kind words, we appreciate. 🤗

It is my pleasure😌

That's right friend, ready for anything. Greetings.

Come on support us, come on support our performance. burn your spirits!


Ayo dukung kami, ayo dukung kinerja kami. bakar semangat anda!

Hi!!! That is right!! We are ready to give so much more and Open top learn everything we need to.

I love the spirit💪

Un grupo de excelencia!!! Me enorgullece verlos crecer. Espero sigan evolucionando. Saludos a todos 🙏🏾

We would stick to that, we are already a stong team with strong bond. Thank you very much @alisevcr we appreciate your. Kind words.

Hola!! Gracias por tu apoyo.. esperamos que todos sigamos creciendo hay espacios para todos. Un abrazo!

You have an stronger team, nice to see you here my friend, keep developing yourself you will achieve a lot of things.

You have my support 💪🏻

Thank you so much for your support My Friend, we truly appreciate your words of encouragement @alejos7ven.

Thank you very much friend, what a pride to receive your good words.

Thank you for your trust and support!!

Excellent team, very complete with committed, responsible people who give the best of each one. I'm sure they'll do a good job. Good luck God bless you

My great friend, thank you very much for your words and good wishes, blessings.

Ojalá no nos lo perdamos, ojalá los esfuerzos que hacemos no pasen desapercibidos para el Equipo de Steemit.


Semoga kami tidak terlewatkan, Semoga upaya yang kami lakukan tidak luput dari perhatian Tim Steemit.

I am glad to welcome a cool team! Your team will support topics that interest me. Fabulous! Good luck, friends!

Thanks for the support!))

Hello great friend, thank you very much for your comment and support, Greetings.

Oye que equipazo. Gente que quiere un cambio y son trabajadores y creadores de muy buen contenido. Los felicito a todos. Seguro que este equipo va dar un buen ejemplo de lucha, constancia, buen trabajo y tenacidad. Ustedes son gente capacitada y estoy segura que van a hacer un muy buen trabajo. Mucho éxito compañeros. 🙏

Thank you very much @maylinch for taking time to read our application and also wishing us success. We appreciate your kind words.🤗

Tienen razón chicos, no somos tan populares y somos muy trabajadores. Creemos que el equipo de Steemit debe saber cómo trabajamos y sobrevivimos en la plataforma Steemit durante estos varios períodos.


Anda benar kawan, kami memang tidak begitu populer dan kami adalah pekerja keras. kami pikir Tim Steemit pasti tau bagaimana kami bekerja dan bertahan di platform Steemit selama beberapa periode ini.

Thank you for your trust!

¡Gracias amigo!

Me parece un excelente equipo de trabajo, esta conformado por varias personas que conozco y las que aun no conozco en su Presentación se deja ver su ganas de trabajar y dar lo mejor de si, se que todos están comprometidas con la plataforma de steemit porque han hecho un excelente trabajo y han dado un ejemplo de esfuerzo dedicación y constancia y eso es muy importante, serian un maravilloso equipo que desarrollarían su trabajo con objetividad y responsabilidad a la hora de apoyar a los usuarios. Un abrazo. Les deseo lo mejor. Dios los guíe siempre.

We sincerely appreciate you kind wishes , thank you very much @zulay7059, you are indeed a great steemian.

Muchas gracias por tu apoyo gran amiga.

Gracias por apoyarnos y apoyar a nuestro equipo. En este caso, estamos listos para ejecutar y queremos hacer cambios para mejorar.


Terima kasih telah mendukung kami dan mendukung tim kami. Dalam hal ini, kami siap untuk mengeksekusi dan ingin melakukan perubahan ke arah yang lebih baik.


Terimakasih sudah mendukung kami dan mendukung tim kami. Dalam hal ini kami siap untuk mencalonkan diri dan ingin menciptakan perubahan ke arah yang lebih baik.

¡Gracias por las amables palabras y el apoyo!

Excelente equipo, gente joven y llenos de muchas ideas, les deseo todo el éxito posible, son personas comprometidas con la plataforma. Muchos éxitos 😘


Muchas gracias por tu apoyo.

¡Gracias, cumpliremos con sus expectativas!

Excelente equipo de trabajo, todos steemians dispuestos a seguir dando lo mejor de sí, los felicito por esta gran iniciativa.


Muchas gracias buena amiga. Saludos y bendicones.

Gracias por el apoyo y las amables palabras!!

Amigos excelente equipo, juventud comprometida a seguir adelante!! Me gusta ver qué este equipo integrado por varias nacionalidades!! Muchos éxitos!

Muchas gracias buena amiga por tu apoyo y palabras tan buenas, bendiciones.


Se ve que ya están organizados, y listos para empezar. Y tienen conocimientos para hacer una buena curación.

Me agrandan estos cambios donde todos tienen las mismas oportunidades.


Hola amiguita maelichb, muchas gracias por tus lindas palabras. Saludos.

Gracias ,🥰

WoW. Que equipo tan bueno, gente joven con ganas de trabajar en pro de todos los steemians, con mucho sentido de compromiso y responsabilidad.

Estoy absolutamente segura que pueden hacer una gran labor y marcar la diferencia en esta plataforma.

Muuchos éxitos. Lest go!!!

@soylola3091, Muchas gracias, mi amigo, realmente apreciamos su apoyo.

¡Gracias! ¡Tenemos confianza en nosotros mismos y nos esforzamos por trabajar con toda nuestra fuerza!

I am part of this wonderful team of prepared people willing to work.
I would love for us to be chosen.

This step that we are taking @isglesdysduarte, @abdulqayyum95857,@yancar, @ubongudofot, @bangmimi,@strecoza I know it will serve as an inspiration for other steemian, for anyone who has been constant, disciplined, who has the desire and a purpose in steemit You can apply to be a community curator, since this platform is inclusive and there is no discrimination and it gives opportunities to all its users.

I fully believe and trust in steemit since it has brought joy to my family and me.

Sincerely thank you for this great opportunity.
Together we will be bigger.

I agree my sister, I think this is really great. We are so confident and courageous to go forward and choose to win together.

In fact, I saw many users from Indonesia who were more senior than me who joined several other team formations. But stay optimistic and I believe you are good friends and uphold the sense of brotherhood.

Thank You Too
it;s amazing work. good job

we are the fire!

You are absolutely right. Together we stand. LET'S DO THIS.

Hacen falta muchos y buenos curadores, amigas @isgledysduarte @albaandreina y forman un bonito y variado equipo.

Gracias mi linda amiga por su apoyo siempre.. Dios me la bendiga.


Que alegría encontrar tres maravillosos steemians aquí, los amigos @albaandreina, @yancar e @isgledysduarte, le deseo el mejor de los éxitos con este buen equipo, y mis saludos a todos los integrantes.

Hola amiga tocho2, muchas gracias por tus buenos deseos, es un honor recibir estas palabras de ti. Bendiciones.

Caras nuevas, frescas, con espiritus fuertes, inteligentes, estoy muy contenta con este equipo que tengo la certeza trabajara en pro del crecimiento y del valor de los contenidos.

Grandes amigos de mi Venezuela, Adean, Alba y a @ubongudofot un nigeriano tan resiliente, mi confianza en ustedes. Sigan brillando y luchando por el porvenir de Steemit.

@vivihibelis Muchas gracias amigo, realmente apreciamos tu apoyo y tus amables palabras.

De nada. Mucha fuerza en este camino, estamos con ustedes✌

Graciasssssssss por tu buenas palabras.

Amigo me contenta mucho conocer este equipo maravilloso que conforman.. Gente con ideas y muy creativas, les deseo mucho éxito..

Hola amiga, gracias, muchas gracias por tu apoyo, saludos.

Esperamos que nuestras ideas se puedan realizar pronto y puedan ayudar a muchas personas que merecen apoyo.


Kami berharap agar ide-ide kami bisa segera terealisasi dan bisa membantu banyak orang yang layak mendapatkan dukungan.

Muchas gracias por sus buenos deseos y amables palabras.

Kamu adalah teman yang luar biasa dan dan sangat rajin, baik, terampil dan bersahaja, kami bangga atas pencapaian mu. Kami turut mendukung Bang Mimi the best inspirator @Bangmimi

Halo teman, terima kasih banyak telah berkomentar dan memberi kami dukungan Anda. Berkat.

Thank you friend @guski, thank you for the trail of positive comments from Indonesian youth. Greetings and we will meet every Sunday at the PromoSteem Learn With Steem activity "Go Around to Caffe and Resto". Steem On!

Terimakasih sahabat @guski, terimakasih atas jejak komentar yang positif dari pemuda Indonesia. Salam dan kita akan bertemu setiap hari Minggu di kegiatan PromoSteem Learn With Steem "Go Around to Caffe and Resto". Steem On!

Terima kasih banyak telah mendukungnya dan timnya. kami menghargai

Que buen equipo y con variedad con el concepto estilo de vida.

@keydoce ,Muchas gracias, estamos para servirle.

¡Gracias! ¡Sí, somos un gran equipo!

Tim yang luar biasa

Thank you my brother @muhajir169, thank you for being together in supporting various promotional activities in Indonesia. keep consistent and Steem On!

Terimakasih atas dukunganmu.

Terima kasih!

Just one word, amazing!! My hopefully you are success To be steemit team

Regards @teukumuhas

Hopefully, thank you my best friend @teukumuhas. This is all thanks to the support and motivation of all of my friends. Let's make Steem great again and Steem On!

You are welcome my brother

See you next week my best

We appreciate your best wishes and kind words, thank you so Much.

You are welcome

We are sure!

You are welcome 🙂

The team members are full of potential people, what an amazing team!

We just try and will do our best. We also want to prove ourselves with the aim of helping and supporting many active users in various Steem communities. Thank you good friend @ikmalhariamuna

Of course, you're welcome my brada🍻

See you next week in STEEM CAMP Event

Thank you very much for your support, blessings.

Excelente equipo, estoy segura que realizaran un trabajo excelente! Saludos!

Muchas gracias amigo @helypirela.

Mi gran y bella amiga @helypirela, muchas gracias por tus palabras.

¡Escucha! ¡Gracias por el apoyo!

Nuevos talentos, [email protected], inteligentes, amables y objetivos. Les auguro exitos en este novedoso rol; se que lo haran estupendamente. Me enorgullece tanto ver talento venezolano y Falconiano ademas, inmerso en este equipo. Dios les Bendiga [email protected]!! Abrazos

@mariami, Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras, realmente apreciamos y no defraudaremos. Dios te bendiga a ti tambien.

Amen. Bueno, les deseo exitos en un impecable trabajo guiado por la mano de Dios y el amor a lo que hacen!!

Que bueno siempre contar con tu apoyo amiga, Dios te bendiga, saludos.

He visto tu dedicación, constancia y proactividad; sigue adelante amigo con tu mistica de trabajo y el éxito siempre te sonreira!!

Cada día se demuestra el compromiso y la responsabilidad que tienen por dar y hacer lo mejor de sí. Sin duda, un gran equipo... listos para la vanguardia y el desarrollo de nuevas herramientas que permitan promover y hacer crecer esta gran plaforma. Éxitos!!

@carlenys ,Eso fue profundo, muchas gracias, todos apreciamos sus amables palabras.

¡Gracias por tu confianza!

I wish you good luck, colleagues :))

Thanks you my sister, Nice to meet you

Thank you colleague!))

Thank you so much my friend from BRU🤗.

Agradecido por tus deseos, saludos.


Greeting to friends on Ukraine

Thank you)!



Thank you @olesia, my friend from steem BRU.🤗

Thank you)

Thank you.

Hola un gran equipo reciban mi apoyo muchas bendiciones y que sigan los éxitos 😘

Muchas gracias por darnos tu apoyo, es muy valioso para nosotros, bendiciones.

¡Gracias por las amables palabras y el apoyo!

What a wonderful team, and congratulations to Mr @bangmimi, as the representative of Indonesia, and For his achievements so far. Thanks 👍

Thank you loyal friends from Indonesia, I will do my best to be able to support as many creative content creators as possible. Thank you and be the best!

You are welcome, sir, Keep on moving forward🙏 from us to us!!! STEEM ON !

OK my friend, nice to meet you

Thanks for your support,

You are welcome bro 🙏

Por supuesto que apoyo a este gran equipo, son Steemians que siempre han estado activos, que vienen desde abajo, que conviven con todos día a día, compartimos culturas, vivencias, a pesar de que alguno de ellos están en otros países y manejan otro idiama, igual son receptivos, amables y respetuosos. Les deseo éxito. 1_20210401_152726_0000.png

Hola amigo, muchas gracias por tus buenas palabras de apoyo, muy agradecido, Dios te bendiga.

Terimakasih sahabatku, terimakasih sudah hadir dan mendukung formasi tim kami

Very Good to see you @abdulqayyum95857.
Am always with you and I hope you are doing really a great job. Please keep it up.

Thank You My Dear @yasminsadiq
Have a nice day!
Thanks again dear

You are proud of our area in steemit working and guiding the newcomer in best way.

  • Hope so this journey will also be very good for you
    Hope for the best

Thank You @alihussain07
My pleasure it's my work to promote our nation.

thank you very much for your support

Amigos les auguro muchos éxitos, no los conozco a todos pero sé que al estar allí es porque son personas comprometidas, constantes y sobre todo muy responsables y han hecho de steemit su familia, por ello creo que están capacitados para este importante paso dentro de la plataforma .

Mi gran amiga @marianav, que bueno contar siempre con su apoyo, Dios la bendiga.

Amén mi hermanito

Muchas gracias @marianav, agradecemos sinceramente su apoyo. Haremos todo lo posible para que Steemit sea un mejor terreno para bloguear e invertir.

hope so you efforts bring fruit and steemit will promote in our area best of luck for you

thank you very much for your support

Felicitaciones por su aplicación, miles de exitos para ustedes.

@astilem, Gracias mi amigo por su apoyo y mejores deseos, realmente apreciamos

Seems like a good team from various regions of world as per instructions of @steemitblog & I hope that this team really justify the issues regarding health and sports.

My full support with this team from Pakistan

Cc @abdulqayyum95857

Thank you for your kindness @farooq2923

Hello friend, thank you very much for your words of support, of course if we are chosen we will cover these topics, rest assured.

Best of luck for your team

Thanks you.

Thanks you my friend @suboohi, thanks you for support our team