Curators' Team Application: Life & Humanity. By Great Curator Team

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We are "Great Curator Team"

Dear friends of Steemit..!

We are very happy to present to you our application as indicated by @steemitblog in his post The Community Curators are Back.

Why they would make a good curation team

We know the curation activities, we know how important it is for each user that their publication is read and appreciated by their peers and by the curators, as a team we are aligned with the requirements and plans of @steemitblog in terms of attention to communities and subscribers, in fact, some of our members already have experience in this very fundamental and important aspect in Steemit, so we are very focused on providing the best curation experience for Steemit users.

Within our values and strengths we can count that we are all promoters of good blogging practices in Steemit and we do it with the intention of instilling awareness among users so that they are also promoters of this giving their best example.

Being a multidisciplinary team, we can develop in any of the topics suggested by @steemitblog, however we can only apply for a single topic and we have chosen Life & Humanity

Details of the team members

Our team is made up of 7 wonderful members that you must already know, but here we formally present them:


Username: @janettyanez
Nationality: Venezuelan Resident in Argentina
Country: Argentina
Active time on Steemit: From 1:00 pm to 1:00 am (UTC)
Club status : club100
Skills/Experiences: Graduated in Public Accounting/ Master in General Management/ ISO 9000 Standards Advisor/ University Professor (20 years)
Joined Steemit: July 2018
Active Communities: MOD on Top Family, Steemit Blogger


Username: @samminator

Nationality: Nigerian
Country: Nigeria
Languages: English
Active time on Steemit: From mid-morning to afternoon.
Club status: club5050
Skills/Experiences: Technology, life, psychology, cryptocurrency.
Joined Steemit: since June 2017.
Active Communities: Blogger, curator, Steemstem (now STEMsocial) honor member, STEEMit in Nigeria (S.I.N) organizing committee.


Username: @ripon0630

Nationality: Bangladeshi
Country: Bangladesh
Languages: Bangla, English
Active time on Steemit: From midmorning to afternoon
Club Status: Club100
Skills/Experiences: Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer
Joined Steemit: December 2020
Active Communities: Moderator of Steem Ship, Active member at promo-steem. (Promote Pu Level 1)


Username: @heriadi

Nationality: Indonesian
Country: Indonesian
Languages: Indonesian and English
Active time on Steemit: 08.00 am - 04.00 pm UTC
Club Status: club100
Skills/Experiences: Teacher and Volunteer
Joined Steemit: Since June 2017
Active Communities: Indonesia Country Representative Admin Steem for better life community curator Steemcurator03 moderator (greeter) Newcomer'community moderator Steem SEA community founder of the World smile project.


Username: @subconsciousness

Nationality: Turkish
Country: Turkey
Languages: Turkish and English
Active time on Steemit: 08.00 am - 04.00 pm UTC
Club Status: club100
Skills/Experiences: Electrical Engineer / Designer / Explorer / Photographer
Joined Steemit: Since January 2018
Active Communities: In the hive-189521 community, I was a moderator for a short time. I'm Steemit Blogger.


Username: @fabiha

Nationality: Pakistani
Country: Pakistan
Language: Urdu / English
Active time on Steemit: 08.00 am - 04.00 pm UTC
Club : club5050
Skills/Experiences: Steemit Blogger
Joined Steemit: Since April 2021
Active Communities: MOD R2CORNER


Username: @tocho2

Nationality: Venezuelan
Country: Venezuela
Language: Spanish, French and English
Active time on Steemit: 10.00 pm - 3.00 am UTC
Club: club5050
Skills/Experiences: Civil Engineer, Master's Degree in Engineering, University Professor (17 years), Engineering Consultant
Joined Steemit: Since January 2019
Active Communities: Venezuela Country Representative, Greeter/Curator Newcomer's Community, ADM Steem Venezuela, Steemit Blogger

Anything special about how they will do their curation to ensure the widest reach

Due to the fact that we belong to countries, the integration of work schedules will be the best because we will be able to cover curation tasks during different hours of the day, giving continuous use of the curation account through a strategic work plan, assigning activities during the day and during the night so that many users can be served.

How will we ensure they will not vote for any posts with plagiarized content?

We already know that the contents of the publications are classified by community, by theme and by tags, so once we start our curation activities, we will make a post with the reminder of the necessary tags so that the users' posts can be reached. by the curator, for example, the theme we have selected is Life & Humanity, so in this case the tags would apply: # life, # humanity, # kindness, # charity and the favorite of many users is # thediarygame and # betterlife.

We also know and have experience using the applications to detect plagiarism in posts and searching for plagiarized images as well. It is very important for us to let the user know how important it is to respect copyright, how important it is for us and for Steemit that they do not plagiarize content because the most appreciated publications are those of original content, for what we will always do the previous review and leave a friendly warning when we find plagiarism with its corresponding warning. In this it is important to clarify that the contents cannot be posted on other platforms, only on Steemit.

In this plan we are aware that there is a great interest in users to enhance their accounts, so many are joining club5050 every day, this will also be our priority.

Finally, we will establish a manual record of the publications voted during the day with the identification of the curator on duty of our team, to know how our activities and performance have been during the curation period.

Already with this application we feel grateful for having taken your time to get to know us and we count on your support.

Post by @tocho2.


We from the Steem For Better Life community support @heriadi for a team of "great curators" as community representatives in this prestigious event. and members please support @heriadi to become a curator as a community representative

cc :
World Smile Project Team

I 100% fully support @heriadi and the rest of his team for this event.👍❤️

Thanks for the support buddy

Your welcome sir.

Igualmente, felicidades @heriadi y @tocho2 por haber conformado su equipo de trabajo y haberse postulado. Exitos.

Gracias por tu valioso apoyo amiga @alanasteemit...!

Thank you my friend

Thank You For the Support @bien.

Welcome friend

Thank You :)

Apoyando a este maravilloso equipo de steemians reconocidos y exitosos en sus proyectos.

Confío en que harán un excelente trabajo.

Muchos éxitos a todos y espero que obtengan la cuenta curadora. 🤗🌟🚀

Muchas gracias @marian4ve por tu apoyo 🤗

Bigsl Thanks to WSP team

Hi there, It is a "Wow" team that I believe that will perform the task perfectly and will be able to support the steemit user in various countries and communities. I wish you all the best team

Thanks for the kind words buddy

@el-nailul you are a good friend, always support your team everywhere. I'm happy to work for the "Great Curator" team and work for the world smile project team we built together

Thank You For Your Kind Words @el-nailul

Saya senang melihat anda disini, menjadi kandidat dalam program Kurator Komunitas, semoga program ini sejalan dengan Steem For BetterLife Community dan World Smile Prject yang menjadi bagian dari anda @heriadi

Thank you @irawandedy , you always care about the community, the success of a team cannot be separated from good cooperation between team members. you are a persistent friend and team

good luck @heriadi and get support for all of us #steem better life community stay ahead in keeping the world smile

You are right @miftahuddin, we will make the world smile with the world smile project. thank you for the support for the "Great Curator" team and your hard work for the team

This is a very extraordinary team for curator candidates, I and the rest of the WSP team are very supportive of candidates to become curators. Good luck friends.

Thank you very much @klen.civil for your support.

Thanks a lot @klen.civil.
we are committed to Steemti and will do our best..!

Thank you @klen.civil, your support makes our hearts happy in the 'Great Curator' team, I am very lucky to have a friend like you

All Dear teams

Staying the spirit of friends in achieving success, I believe what we do today is not a wasted work, giving a little light to illuminate the world, finally we can smile. This is the first victory we have won.

What a beautiful word @heriadi friend, all of us, we are a great team..!

That's right, a team that is capable and willing to work hard to achieve its goals.

words like gems

Thank you @ripon0630, we are a great team.

Excellent words @heriadi.
We has made a very good team.

Nice words buddy. It's an honour to be part of this Great Team

Excellent Lines These are

We fully support this team to do a good job.

We hope that this program is in line with the Steem For BetterLife Community and the World Smile Project Program that we are currently developing.

Your support @sofian88 and the entire WSP team is the second victory for the "Great Curator" team after the first victory we managed to recruit all members of the "Great Curator" team in a short time

Thanks for the support @sofian88

amazing team, consist of seniors in steemit. I hope this team deserves consideration, why do I say that. I see that each person has talent and ability to work in a team and I also see that each individual has a sense of humanity and loyalty.

Thanks for your kind words @djadawadjadi friend..!

@djadawadjadi you give strength to this team, you are also a member of the Steem For Better Life community and a loyal WSP volunteer, always helping without expecting anything in return. thanks for the support

Many thanks for the nice words buddy

Thank you for your words and support for our team @djadawadjadi

Thanks For Your Kind Words

Wow congratulations everyone... This is great i wanted too but because of Typhoon Odette i escape my club5050 for a while but hopefully next month i'm back to club5050..

Once again congratulations guys👏👏❤️

Stay safe @bien friend...!

Thanks for commenting.

I will my friend, it is my pleasure.🙏

Thank you😊

Don't worry, you're also our great team. At the World Smile project

Yes sir i will be always here for World Smile Project.❤️❤️

Your always welcome sir😊

Thank you very much @bien

Hope for the best..

I also hope for the best, this is our start to contribute more to society

Hi @tocho2
I am very happy and honoured to be part of the team.
Thank you for the opportunity to work with "Great Curator Team" for #steemit.

We will make a team of "great curators" known for their hard work in contributing usefully to steemit.

This is a great team for curating the field of Life and Humanity with members who already have experience in their respective fields. Hopefully this great team will be successful in being selected as the curation team for Life & Humanity.
Congratulations to @janettyanez, @samminator, @ripon0630, @heriadi, @subconsciousness, @fabiha, and @tocho2. Wish you all success...👍😊

Thanks a lot @tucsond friend..!

Thank you, I also hope your team is also selected later, so that we can work together between teams.

Thanks brother

Thank you very mucho @tucsond

Many thanks buddy

Semoga sukses

Harapan menjadi kenyataan

Without any doubt, I believe that this team will function in full and required capacity, and will surpass all expectations.
It is an honour to be part of this Great Curator Team.
Together, we will achieve greatness.

Certainly @samminator.
Working as a team we will achieve the best results for all

Your'e right @samminator friend, thanks a lot..!

We are moving forward to contribute to steemit,

Felicitaciones amigos por la conformación de excelente equipo que, con las credenciales, experiencia y dedicación que poseen y que es evidente en su exitosa labor en Steemit, merecen realizar la comprometida y delicada labor de curación para la cual se postulan.
Les deseo mucha suerte en la selección y reciban mi total apoyo. Saludos equipo, en especial para @janettyanez y @tocho2.

Gracias amiga @palomot, valoramos mucho tu comentario de apoyo.

Gracias @palomot por el apoyo, saludos y abrazos desde Indonesia

Gracias @heriadi! Desde Venezuela te envío mis saludos y un abrazo de apoyo!
Mucho éxito para su postulación!

Muchas gracias amiga @palomot por tu apoyo y hermoso comentario.

Merupakan tim hebat. semoga berhasil

Maravilloso equipo el presentado, con variedad de participantes y de países. Felicitaciones y mucho éxito para todos especialmente @janettyanez @tocho2

Thank you so much @sacra97
Greetings from Indonesia

Muchas gracias amiga @sacra97, te envío un caluroso abrazo..!

Muchas gracias mi apreciada amiga @sacra97, por tu apoyo y encantador comentario.
Abrazos desde la distancia.

Luar biasa bg @heriadi. Patut Di contoh

Terima kasih banyak @guski

Congratulations all seven talented steemians including @ripon0630 💕

Welcome and wish you good luck 🙂@heriadi

Thank you very much @shohana1

You're welcome my friend!

Thanks dear friend...!

Thank you my friend

Thank you very much @graceleon

Congratulations and best wishes for this team. @heriadi leader🙏😯❤️

Excelente equipo, les deseo todo el éxito del mundo, se merecen ese logro, para seguir fortaleciendo el ecosistema!

Gracias amigo @willeusz, todo para brindar la mejor atención a los suscriptores

Muchas gracias amigo @willeusz, siempre en aras de aportar lo mejor para los usuarios de #steemit.

Reciban un cálido saludo desde Cumaná, Venezuela. Éxitos en esta nueva fase a todo el equipo. Felicitaciones a @janetyanez que se estrenará como curadora, el mejor de los éxitos.

Gracias @atoniarhuiz
Saludos cordiales desde Indonesia

Gracias amiga @antoniaruiz, por tu buenos deseos

Gracias @antoniarhuiz, bien recibido este caluroso saludo.

Excelente equipo 🙂😊
Amigas @ tocho2 @janettyanez..
Confío en que harán un maravilloso trabajó ☺️

Amiga @albaandreina, muchísimas gracias por pasarte por acá.

Un abrazo..!

Muchas gracias amiga @albaandreina!

Muchas gracias
Saludos y abrazos desde Indonesia.

Les dejo mi voto y mi apoyo. Estoy segura que harán un gran trabajo.
I leave my vote and my support. I´m sure you will do a great job.

Muchas gracias @mllg por el apoyo, abrazos.

Es un placer poder hacerlo @janettyanez

Thank you for your support @mllg

You´re welcome

Gracias por tu apoyo incondicional amiga @mllg..!

Un placer apoyarlas

Great multidisciplinary team, with pleasure I also support all of you to do a great job.

Always family, always supporting your family members.

Thank you very much for the support @lanzjoseg

Your words make us excited, thank you so much friends,

Thanks a lot teacher @lanzjoseg..!

mucho éxito para todos especialmente @janettyanez @tocho2, que gane le mejor.

Gracias @carolinacardoza por el apoyo.

Das un gran animo, gracias amigo

Best of luck @fabiha and your team.
May you successful person.

Thank you for your support for our team of friends.

Thank you very much @gmurtaza.

Congratulations... Semoga sukses

Terimakasih atas dukungannya

Thank you very much @fadlymatch

Saludos amiga @tocho2

Me alegra que hayas podido conformar un excelente equipo, todos comprometidos con la plataforma.

Les deseo éxitos.

Gracias compañero @adeljose, tu apoyo es bien apreciado.

Un abrazo..!

Gracias amigo, me alegro de que estés aquí.

Congrats to the great curator team :) I hope you are enjoying by helping the community
Enjoy life by helping community

Thnaks a lot @layersinn friend..!

Thank you @layersinn, Have a nice day

miga que grandioso, te deseo el mejor de los éxitos, conforman un equipo excelente. Un abrazo.

Sera un equipo conformado por personas con una gran experiencia, conocimiento y de gran trayetoria, segura estoy que su equipo en el cual aspiran conformar haran una excelente y extraordinaria labor en la paltaforma, espero tengan muchos exitos en el camino que se proponen comenzar. Saludos cordiales a todos.

gracias amigo, saludos y abrazos desde Indonesia

Gracias amiga @zormar21 por tu apoyo, saludos

Amiga @zormar21, gracias por tan bonitas palabras de apoyo que nos dejas, bien apreciado.

Estoy convencida que lo haran excelentemente bien

Gracias por tu valioso apoyo @yennyteran..!

Gracias amiga @yennyteran por tu apoyo, saludos

Thank you very much friends, you have supported us

nice team.. Best of luck

Thank you very much @steemdg

Big thanks for you @steemdg

Un equipo muy internacional exitos amigos, les deseo mucho exito en este nuevo rol se que lo van hacr muy bien dos de ellas las conozco no en persona pero si de la misma plataforma somos paisanas..

Muchas gracias por tu apoyo amigo

Amiga @zhanavic69, gracias por el apoyo incondicional, un abrazo..!

De nada amiga ojala queden seleccionados

Muchas gracias amiga @zhanavic69 por tu apoyo, saludos

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Estamos seguros de que ustedes realizaran un gran trabajo. El mejor de los exitos.

Con el apoyo de la familia.

Hi, @tocho2,

Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

Please consider voting for our witness, setting us as a proxy,
or delegate to @ecosynthesizer to earn 100% of the curation rewards!
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