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RE: Steemit Update [ May 20th, 2022 ] : Community Curators for June - Applications Open

A very detailed announcement. The current curation teams have been doing just fine especially #fintech, #learnwithsteem and #steemgrowth. The leaders of this respective teams in the person of #Kouba01, #reminiscence01 and @ngoenyi are really putting in work and seeing that everything is going just fine.

I really commend their efforts and hope to see them retained.


Sir please help me how to grow my steemit account please help me

You have to first complete your newcomers achievement tasks.
The link below will help you to find them.

When you are done with at least achievement 4, you can proceed with joining various communities and engaging with them while you complete the rest of the achievements.

Or you can be doing the achievements while engaging with communities.


These are examples of communities you can join post and make quality contents in accordance to what the community accepts.

Hello, good recommendations, but newcomers do not need to finish achievement 4 to participate in other communities.But what is recommended is that they integrate and not just do the achievements (I'm just saying to clarify this part) Greetings.

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I have same interest

Join this group let’s write our application😊

Thank you for the clarifications.

Thank you for the kind words! The7Up's rock!

whats going on here

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