It seems that one user can be only in one team, so I already have all the people in my group.

Sorry, all users who texted me here and on discord are amazing and we could make 4-5 teams all together, but the rules are clear - one person, one team :) good luck to everyone! You all are the best ♥️

I think it's very good, if there is one blank can I join you @papi.mati

Add me in your team

Me too! In case count me in, maybe we can ask the others steem.skillshare admins from all over the world to create a very inclusive team, we can talk on discord if you wish

@papi.mati, @milakz, I also want to join a team.
If there's a vacants place..

@antorv - do you have discord? It would be great to work with you!

i'll try to install on my home laptop and will find you few hours later
can't install on my working PC(

@papi.mati, I am sorry, I will not apply, new circumstances 🤷🏼‍♀️ Sorry again to confuse you

Hello @papi.mati, I am the founder of #colombia-original and country representative for Colombia. If there is space I would like to join.

Lovely - please text me on discord:


Hello @papi.mati I'm from Indonesia. Can I be part of your team.

My discord amryksr#1098

I would like to support you.

Add me up Sir

Hi @papi.mati have you made your team

Waoo me too it's great @papi.mati

the team that you formed, is a very strong team @papi.mati thank you for everything I hope this change can run smoothly in 2022, success always for your tin sir

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