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Hello, dear steemians

First of all, I would like to thank my dear friend @reddileep who took the initiative to coordinate all the members to form this wonderful curation team, and who in turn have chosen me as a leader in this new mission which I take pride in but also a position to be respected as a mandate rather than an honor.

Everyone in the team was quick to accept the participation, as they showed great enthusiasm and desire to take this experience because of its material benefit, and especially moral, as it holds them responsible for evaluation and reward alike, which requires a lot of knowledge and high morals.

Initially, I would like to present the team, in this way, by distributing them on a world map to show the positive impact of our wonderful Steemit platform in bringing us together from the Far East to the Far West, despite different cultures, races, and languages:

our team.png

Our curation team

Which of the five themes we would like to curate for?

In coordination among all members, we agreed to choose the theme of Finance, Business & Crypto..., which I consider a logical and successful choice given the team’s experience and knowledge in this field thanks to the information and culture they possess, which has been refined and developed through working within the SteemitCryptoAcademy as professors or participating as students which enabled them to get acquainted with many from the secrets and details that were vague to them in the past.

Why we would make a good curation team?

For us, teamwork remains a way of life before being a work methodology. It is a systematic system of relationships followed by a group of individuals who work together to achieve a common goal, in a collaborative environment rather than working alone and independently. When we talk about teamwork, it necessarily leads us to its benefits and results, which increase efficiency and production, raise the level of achievement and achieve a common goal.

Therefore, realizing the importance of teamwork in our time and knowing its mechanisms, and applying it correctly has become a necessity to achieve excellence, which is well understood by all our team members due to the rich experience that SteemCryptoAcademy has given them to practice several tasks including the evaluation with impartiality and objectivity For many articles based on thoughtful and fair criteria and selecting the best of them each week and then presenting in a detailed report, success has been our ally for several seasons, as our goal was to satisfy and convince students of their mistakes to raise the level of their content and thus improve the quality of writing on the platform.

We all felt how teamwork was one of the important mechanisms that set our academy apart in all seasons, as the importance of teamwork was in developing plans that included coordination between supervisors and communication with the teachers, which had a positive effect on the workflow as we were able to besiege all the Difficulties in a short time thanks to organized and efficient communication. The same way our team started from day one, creating a group on the Discord app, it will be organized and function the same as the previously approved schedule.


Also, all team members fulfill all the conditions stipulated for accepting their candidacy, as we find diversity in languages and nationalities and belonging to several different communities in their interests and contents. In addition, every member of our curation team adheres to #club75 or #club100.

Anything special about how we will do their curation to ensure the widest reach?

  • From the start of the evaluation, we keep in mind the use that will be made of its results. When formulating our recommendations and describing the lessons learned, let us think about facilitating their application. Let us limit the number according to their value and importance.

  • Let's address all the participants. In preparing our report, it is important to be sensitive to the differences in knowledge, skills, and information needs of different audiences.

  • The reader whose technical knowledge is very limited should be able to easily understand us. It may be necessary to have our report translated for some participants.

  • People understand better and learn more by reading a
    report written in clear and concise terms in which the main points are precisely presented. Let us minimize the risk that certain passages will be misinterpreted.

  • Take care of the visual presentation of the report (layout, graphics, colors). People will be more likely to look at it first and then read it.

  • Ensure that our recommendations are realistic given the development context, and applicable within boundaries.

How we will ensure that we will not vote for any posts with plagiarised content?

  • First, plagiarism is identified by looking at the percentage of citation in the submitted work, because in most works, this percentage does not exceed a certain percentage. If it increases, it is placed in plagiarism or scientific theft.

  • In a second step, plagiarism is identified by presenting the questionable text to an arbitration committee that has the experience of identifying whether this work or this text is the subject of theft or not, according to the laws and standards governing the text concerning, and the members of this commission are of good character and character, not unfair They are not biased towards anyone and for no reason, they are valuable and have many qualities. These referees are chosen for plagiarism literary or scientific according to certain characteristics.

  • Third, plagiarism is identified by reviewing the list of sources and references and ensuring that they contain most of the sources and references that the author used to prepare the literary or practical work. Falling into plagiarism refers to sources that have been used, and one form of plagiarism at this point is placing sources and references other than them that were once considered clever mixing, but are classified as a dangerous act.

  • Fourth, plagiarism is identified through the use of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or other famous engines, copying the phrases suspected of plagiarism, indicating whether the phrase is on other sites or not, and judgment is rendered. In the sentence, it is considered theft or authorship.

  • Fifth: Plagiarism is identified through websites and scientific and literary plagiarism detection programs: this is one of the last mechanisms for identifying and detecting these practices.

Best Regards,
Our Curation Team
@kouba01 - #club100
@Dilchamo - #club100
@reddileep - #club100
@Shemul21 - #club100
@pelon53 - #club75
@fredquantum - #club75
@nane15 - #club75





I am 100% sure this team will make a good curation team because of their experiences being professors of the steemit crypto academy. However my dear professors, I am also concerned if this new responsibility you’re about to take on will affect your already existing responsibility to teach and grade courses at the steemit crypto academy, and other responsibilities I know some of you have including being a greeter fairy for example.

Will my professors still have enough time to make their lecture posts, reports, personal posts and grade students works as well? I have no doubt in your capabilities to work as a curation team, I am only concerned that the work of curation team will not give you as much time to properly handle work at the steemit crypto academy in particular.

Then again, I am sure your team have thought this through and have put measures in place to tackle this concern, considering all the experience you have.

I would like to thank you for the trust you place in our team to take on this new mission. Regarding your concern about whether we can reconcile the two work, I want to assure you that we are able to do so. Thanks again for your testimonial.

I am glad you’ll be able to handle both without complications. I wish your team the best during the selection, and I hope the steemit team selects your team. Goodluck!!!

Thank you very much professor for all the explanation, you made a great proposal and I loved your choice of words, it is great to have you as a leader and I hope that our proposal is accepted so that I can continue working with you.

Welcome my partner.

Son un buen equipo que además están capacitados para poder ejercer esos temas de Finance, Business y Crypto. Ya son profesores de la Academia lo que les a dado un gran aprendizaje, también saben como evaluar contenidos de gran valor y harían un gran trabajo juntos.

Thank you, @wentv. We sincerely appreciate your support on our application.

Thank you for this testimony and support.

i like this team! :D

I must commend @kouba01 for this great article as regards our formation of a solid team to handle curation for the theme "Finance, Business & Crypto, all in this piece is well detailed. No doubt, the team members over the previous months/years in one way or the other have acquired the proper knowledge under the theme of selection. We are set out to make a great curation team to deliver quality curation at the appropriate time, and look forward to being selected as the perfect team for the theme. We appreciate the Steemit team for the opportunity. Thanks for this great application, @kouba01.

Thanks for this valuable addition.

The best, good job friend!

Congratulations to all of you. This is a really great Team for "Finance, Business & Crypto" field (@kouba01, @dilchamo, @reddileep, @Shemul21, @pelon53, @fredquantum, and @nane15. Hopefully the Great Team will be selected in the curation of the above fields. Great and good luck for this Team.

Thank you, @tucsond. We appreciate your support message on this and I wish your team the best in your application too.

Yes, you're welcome. We hope that Your team and Ours will have the opportunity to be selected.

An impressive and very strong team. I am amazed that people coming from the CryptoAcademy are in charge of this work. I hope you will be successful.

Thank you, @zmoreno. The wishes are well-appreciated. We hope to emerge a winner in this category and we promise to do the best job. Thank you, once again.

your post is really beautiful and useful, I will always wait for your work for me to like and read it, hopefully we can be good friends

if you like to come to my post to just like and comment, friends.
I hope all your works are also enjoyed by many people

Thank you very much

This selection is kinda of cheating to me because all the champions club are in one division but of the truth, the pick is glorious and is of high quality... I am pretty covered with selections.

Greetings friend @kouba01

Very good team, I think it's great the opportunity that the Steemit team gives us to exchange knowledge and experience to carry out a curation plan.

I wish you success.

Thank youmy dear.

This team is amazing, I know all of you will do a great job. I wish you the best of success 😊

Thank you my dear.

Great mean of cryptos, great team.

This is fantamoglorious. I only use this big English when I'm pleased because you will never find it in the dictionary. (I invented it).

Setting up a curation team is something that would help the team and the steemit platform. To whosoever develop the idea, I give a big thumbs up.

Besides, congrats @kouba01 for beating my country in the African Nations cup. You were just lucky to have beaten the giant of Africa. Smiles. The Tunisian players came with tactics, and they were awesome. I hope they stay till the end and lift the trophy.

Greetings professor,
I think this team is the perfect team for this theme. Everyone here has a good knowledge of crypto so it is a strong team. And all members are club75 or club100. That's great. 👍
Wish your all the best for professors's team. 💖

I wish you team all the very best. Good wishes to you! 💕

Team of cryptocurrency professors. I'm confident this team will carry out their task diligently and ensure proper coordination in the field of cryptocurrency, business and finance. Their role as cryptocurrency professors have already qualify them for the task.
I wish you guys the best of luck in your application.

Your testimony and support on this application are not taken for granted, in addition, it goes a long way to encourage us more on our suitability for the role. Thank you, @reminiscence01.

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