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RE: The Community Curators are Back…

Hello, this is a great initiative because I think that this will further diversify the scope of support from steemcurators.

I would like to be part of the Arts team, we will be looking for a good team to make our application.


Estoy seguro que conformaras un excelente equipo de trabajo.

Muchas gracias, eso espero 😊🌻

Hi!! Did you already set up your team?

Yea.. my discord inspiracion#0799

I would love to part of your team

oh thank you, we are fill

I love art, and I want to join with your team if you don't mind sista,...
Here my discord @liasteem#7660

Nationality : Pakistani
Languages : Fluent in English and Urdu and can manage other languages with translator
Club status : Club75
Discord : allahnawaz03#7360
Interests : life and humanity, creative writing, gardening

Contact me to discuss a team (:

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