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A wonderful day to all steemians. Hope we are all great.
It has been the desire of the steemit board and all steemians in general to see the growth of the steemit community. Several ideas have been made and executed to the end of both promoting steemit and stabilizing our beloved steem coin.

To that effect, the steemit team proposed for curation teams to manage the curator04-08 accounts with the aim of distributing the votes to as many as possible. To that end, a clarion call was made for curation teams made up of seven members to join. This is another plus to the steemit team.

I would like to appreciate all in this team who made efforts to ensure the team is filled up. I would also appreciate the members of the team for deeming it fit to accept the invitation to our team.

Which of the five themes we would like to curate

After having deliberated as a team and considering the various strengths of the team members, we decided to go for Arts -photography, arts, creative writing, poetry, music, …. This was chosen because of the vast experiences of the team members in the field of arts. Additionally, the team members work with related contents in their various communities and have perfected in curating such publications. The profile of these team members leaves no doubt as to their ability to handle it very well.
We have chosen to curate the art-themed posts because we believe it is one of the most interesting categories on Steemit and in general on the entire blockchain ecosystem. In fact, creators have both the possibility of obtaining the copyright of their works by registering them on the blockchain, and use their blogs as a showcase to display them to the public. Furthermore, the advent of NFTs will give even greater importance to artists and will lead in the near future a large part of the original creations to be exhibited and sold directly on blockchain-based marketplaces.

Why we would make a good curation team

Each member of this team is unique with special abilities and experiences, drawn from one end of the world to another end of the world. They have worked in steemit in various capacities and having been tested and trusted in so many spheres of activities within the steemit ecosystem.

They represent so many nationalities, races and cuts across boundaries. The bonding and unity existing within the group is evidenced from the group chat we have had since the beginning of this project.

Now let me introduce this wonderful team to the entire steemit team.

Meet Team Universal


@girolamomarotta, he has been in steemit since December, 2017.
Country of Origin – Italy
Club status -club5050
Language - English and Italian
Team Member Profile – Country Representative of Italy, Admin of Italy Community aand Admin of Italygame Witness.
Curates with @steemcurator06.

@knopka145. She has been in steemit since November 2017.
Country of Origin – Russia
Club Status – club5050
Language – Russian and English
Team member profile – Country representative for Russia, An admin in the Steem-BRU community. Curates with

@randulakoralage. She has been in steemit since September 2018.
Country 0f Origin - Srilanka
Club status – club5050
Language -English, Sinhala
Team member Profile – Country representative in Srilanka, Admi of Srilanka community, One of the Oldest greeters,
Handler of steem Srilanka’s curation account. Curates with @steemcurator07

@msharif. Joined steemit since August 2020.
Country of Origin – Bangladesh
Club status – club100
Language – English, Bangla
Team member Profile – Moderator in Promosteem community and Steemit-network community

@benton3. Joined steemit since August 2020
Country – Nigeria
Club status – club5050
Language – English, Igbo
Team member Profile – Admin of Steemkidss Community

@fendit – joined steemit since July 2020
Country of Origin – Argentina
Club status – club5050, will soon enter club75
Language – Spanish, English
Community – Country representative for Argentina, Admin in Writing and Reviews community, Admin in steem
Argentina, Latin America curator for @steemcurator05.

@belenguerra – Joined steemit on July 2020
Country of Origin – Argentina
Club status – club5050
Language – Spanish, English, basic Italian and French
Team member Profile – Country representative for Argentina, Admin of Writing and Reviews, Admin of steem
Argentina, Latin America curator for @steemcurator05.

Our team tagged Team Universal is well poised for the challenges ahead. From the inception of this team we have seen team bonding in action. One of the basic tenets of team work is the ability to carry every one along, which have been shown by all the team members. Recognizing our individual capabilities and abilities will helps us to coordinate ourselves very well, letting it be a solid drive for curation efficiency.

Additionally, all of us in the team are moderators and admins in various communities with different backgrounds, objectives and have attended to people from so many languages, nationalities and races. This is a strength in itself and the team will use this strength to maximise their curation potential if given the opportunity.

The steemit team can also bear witness to how efficient we have all performed in each of the team members communities and how these members have religiously and efficiently managed curation accounts at their disposal.

Anything special about how they will do their curation to ensure the widest reach

We will ensure that we reach out to as many post as possible within our chosen field. This we will do by encouraging content creators in this field to use a dedicated special tag like #universalarts when making a post. Once a special tag is used, most post within this category

The diverse nature of the team can also help us reach out to as many persons as possible. As we scan through our various communities and others as well, we fish out those creating contents relating to our chosen area and encourage them to use our special tag next time.

The different time zones where the moderators comes from is an asset that will help us in reaching to as many users as possible. This is indicated in our active working schedule below.

Snusernameactive time on steemit
1@benton38 GMT to 3 GMT
2@randukolarage11.30 GMT to 16.30 GMT
3@belenguerra9 GMT TO 14 GMT and 6 GMT to 00 GMT
4@fendit12 GMT to 23 GMT
5@knopka14511 GMT to 19 GMT
6@msharif3 GMT to 8 GMT and 12 GMT to 17 GMT
7@girolamomarotta16 GMT to 23 GMT

With these strategies, we can have a more wider coverage.

How they will ensure not to vote any post with plagiarism content.

Our team are eagle eyed in detecting plagiarism. We also make use of plagiarism programs, softwares and tools that can scan for plagiarism.
We will painstakingly scan every post for plagiarism before curating.


Thank you steemit blog for giving us the opportunity to make this application. The Team Universal would be looking forward to a favourable response from you.


I’m really happy to be part of this awesome team. I found a group of really talented and professional users with a large experience on Steemit. I think we can really do a good work together 💪✌️

Of course we can do something good in collaboration with each other if we get the chance.

Sure, with this team, we can do wonders.

I agree with you! We can perform an amazing job together!

I am very happy to be part of such a great team. I have no reason to doubt. we can handle any challenge :)

Welldone benton! Hope we can do the best!

Impressive team, my friends. You have my support; you've put together an amazing arts team, and I loved the idea of using a specific tag to search for posts. Many blessings.

Thanks friend, we count on your support.

Great team 💪💪💪, I wish you success


Thank you very much.

Wonderful formation.

Good luck from The Optimum Seven. 😀

Wish you the same, captain marvel and the league. From TEAM UNIVERSAL

Hahah thanks.

Хорошая команда, опытная! Вам повезло, что у вас есть @knopka145!)

I agree with you, she is superb.

Жаль, что нам не дали поработать вместе:)
Надеюсь, твоя команда добьется успеха:)

Удачи команде!)

Great to see you in Optimum Seven. Wish you the best.

Thank you)

Hi @benton3,
my name is @ilnegro and I voted your post using

Please consider to approve our witness 👇

Come and visit Italy Community

I'm really glad to be part of a team where every member is so hardworking and responsible. Because they've all already proven that they know how to work responsibly, that's why almost all of them have been involved in one project platform so far. I am very happy to be a member of such a group and I hope we will do our best to fulfill our responsibilities if given the opportunity. Because all of us who are here are very friendly so I hope we can do everything very nicely by maintaining all the rules by given steem team.

Right on point, grateful to be on the same ship with you.

I have no doubt that we will succeed!;)

Удачи вам! Команда классная!

Thanks sis, hoping for the best.

Отличная команда!

Thanks dear,

SuperTeam, I support you, guys 🙌
Will resteem from steem-bru account

Thank you for your support of TEAM UNIVERSAL. We do appreciate. Together we make steemit even better.

Glad to be part of this team! 💪💪

Super! Good luck!

Thanks dear,

See!! our @randulakoralage is here too. 💜 you will do an amazing job with your past experiences 🥳

The team is counting on your supports.

Best of Luck Everyone ❤️

Thank you bro and thanks for support our team.

Great team carry on.

Thank you for your nice wishes.

Congratulations guys for making a strong team and best of luck.

Thank you so much

Thanks man.

mutually :) I hope that you will succeed too :))

Congratulations to all of you as members of this Great Team, for the Curator Team App
for the field of " Arts, photography, arts, creative writing, poetry, music".
I wish this Great Team the best of luck in their work to help the community.

Thanks for good wishes and support. We appreciate.

Thank you very much brother.

This post has been upvoted by @italygame witness curation trail

If you like our work and want to support us, please consider to approve our witness


Come and visit Italy Community

Удачи команде!!!

Thank you dear.

I'm very happy about being part of this team!! We really make a great cultural mix and definitely, we can perform a great job as curators, since we are all very committed to the Steemit platform. Good luck to us!! <3

Yes, the more we are together, the stronger we are.

отлично) попробую ваш тег)

Ok boss, thank you.

Hello @msharif
Well wishes for your team. All the very best.

Thank you brother for your support.

I saw the selections and the only thing that struck my mind was suicide squad. For me, this is champion league picked because this team has the juice and sauce in it, let me begin to boil rice and keep🤣😍🤩🥰😅🤣🥰

Thanks for.your support. We are hoping for the best.

wow very nice team.

Thanks dear.


Congratulations to all and wish you best luck. Good team.

Thanks for your support.

Big Hi to @randukolarage... The Backbone of our SSL... She is doing her best at any occasion.... No doubt in that...

My heartiest wishes to all the team...Congratulations friends...

Thank you.

Dear @msharif
All the best. Best wishes for your team.

Thank you.

Great team ever. all the best guys.

We appreciate your support sir, thank you.

Greetings my friend @benton3

I am pleased to see that you have managed to put together an excellent staff to make up this great curation team.

I wish you success.

Thank you boss, counting on your support.

Un equipo maravilloso, fendit y belen son grandiosas y me encanta su presencia en las artes. Mis mejores deseos de éxitos en esta etapa.

Thank you so much for your support.

We thank you for your support.

Отличная сильная команда! Вам круто повезло , потому что у вас есть @knopka145 !

Yes, it is privilege to have her in the team.

Another great team on board. Let's steem On!!

Thank you brother for your support 😊

Appreciate your support.

Wonderful team with great personalities!
I know so well that this team will give nothing but the very best.
Best wishes great people!

Thank you so much for your best wishes.😊

Thank you for your support.

Great team 👍 nice combination

Thank you so much

What a universal arts team. all the best guys.

Thank you brother

I am a photographer, I am in Russia.
I will be glad to help your endeavor and participate in the dissemination of your creativity.

Example of my photography:

Я фотограф, нахожусь в России.
Буду рад помочь вашему начинанию и участию в распространении своего творчества.

Пример моего творчества:

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