Application For Community Curator For The Month Of September 2022

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Greetings Steemit Team
Application For Community Curator For The Month Of September 2022

I am very enthusiastic with the announcement made by steemitblog regarding Community Curator for September 2022.

I appreciate to this initiative because according to my experience as a lifestyle theme curator team (International A-Team) for 3 consecutive months and also as a Lucky Dip Team this August, there are some important notes for us.

While carrying out my duties as a lifestyle curator team, I saw a lot of tag abuse and also posts that were of low quality according to the theme used.

Steemians seem to force themselves to make posts that are not their expertise or competence in order to get votes. For example, someone who does not have the expertise or competence in the field of health/medicine forces himself to post the theme like an expert.

They do this by taking shortcuts such as plagiarizing in various ways, such as using voice to text applications, wav to text and others, although it is still detected by our lifestyle curator team.

This August I was entrusted to be the curator of the Lucky Dip Team where we seek and provide curation of quality posts from various themes and communities as well as non-communities.

Our team also provides curation of comments and replies that are positive and in accordance with the context so that it will stimulate posters to be actively involved in commenting on posts.

While being the curator of the Lucky Dip Team, I curated from various themes and across communities and non-communities and I will continue this trend if entrusted as a community curator for September 2022 by the steemit team.


I joined steemit in April 2021 with the initial motivation of channeling my hobby in writing and seeking experience about the world of cryptocurrency.

Every day I try to make quality posts according to my ability and competence as a veterinarian and routinely do power ups from the rewards I get to increase the strength of my account so that I can support steemians and the community.

As long as I'm active, I only make withdrawals once and the rest I always do power ups so that I'm in #club100 with a reputation of 72,842 with a total Steem Power of 15,160.40 (triple dolphin) as of August 22, 2022.


Currently I was Country Representative Indonesia in charge of developing the steemit platform and guiding steemians in my country Indonesia.

For the month of August I carried out the tasks and trust given by the steemit team as Curator Community of the Lucky Dip Team.

Previously I was a lifestyle theme community curator team for 3 months in a row with the International A-Team.

Until now I was Admin, Moderator and curator of Hot News Community who built this community together with other Country Representatives by carrying out the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 3 contest and have made a Season 4 application. And with this activity Hot News Community was in the trending Community.

I am also a Moderator at STEEM INDONESIA, a community of countries that just launched.


I am a veterinarian who has worked for the North Aceh Regency Government, Indonesia since 2000 until now. I have skills in the field of animal health. I have served as Head of Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health at the Department of Plantation, Livestock and Animal Health, North Aceh Regency for 8 years (2013-2021).

My Profession as Veterinarian

I am also a Hapkido martial arts practitioner since 2016 until now as well as the North Aceh Hapkido Branch Manager and the Aceh Province Hapkido Manager. I train Hakpido martial arts several students including my kids.


I live in North Aceh Regency, Aceh-Indonesia Province and fluent in Indonesian and able to read in English.


I currently have a reputation of 72,842 with a total Steem Power of 15,160.40 (triple dolphin) and 12.8 CSI Voting and delegate 2,525.61 Steem power to several communities.

My Key Stats
My Delegations

Basically I like curating all the themes that exist as the Lucky Dip team. According to my skills, competencies and hobbies, I also curated lifestyle themes (Food, Travel, Garden, Sports, Health, Leisure, Pets, etc.), where the pets theme which was just launched by the steemit team caught my attention as a veterinarian and we have create a contest Steemit Engagement Challenge Season3 Week #4 : My Pets which is quite interesting for steemians.


For me, the number of team members doesn't really matter because I've worked with the International A-Team and the Lucky Dip Team with a team of 6-7 people.


I made this application with the aim of participating in every steemit team program and supporting the platform and increasing my role as Country Reps, Admin / community mods and personally as active steemians.

I will continue and improve my performance as a person and a team as I have shown so far if selected as the community curator team for September 2022.

That's my application this time and thank you for the trust and support of the steemit team to me so far.





Woow what a mighty application here. I believe and trust you on this application because I have witness your beautiful growth here in Steemit. So I believe you will continue with this rule as a curator if given you the chance

Wishing you many many success dear friend

Thank you for the support and words of encouragement, friends. I tried my best and I learned a lot from great steemians including you.

Saya yakin anda adalah salah satu yang terbaik untuk pekerjaan hebat ini. Semoga sukses kanda @alee75

Teurimong geunaseh dukungannya bang ridwant. Droe neuh peugot aplikasi aju...

InsyaAllah kanda. Tetap semangat 😀

Pengalaman dan kerja kerasnya selama ini sudah menjadi bukti nyata kamu mampu untuk tugas ini. Semoga sukses 💪💪

Insya Allah. Terima kasih supportnya pak...🙏

My friend, if I could vote for you twice I would have!
Your curating week after week on Team Lucky Dip is great. I never have to check on you nor your posts.
I will keep my fingers cross for you! 🤞

Thank you my friend. I have a good role model that is you. Your dedication and loyalty is an inspiration to me. You spend a great time on steemit.

Awh! Thank you for the kind words!
A little bit of motivation can go a llllooonnnnggg way and that is what you have given me this morning. ☕

I learned a lot from great people in steemit including you. I adhere to the notion of learning until death. I am not ashamed to learn even from children. In my opinion, life is a learning process that has no limits.... Death is the final limit of learning for us.

These are such wise words!
My husband will say that you sound just like me. (•ิ‿•ิ)

I respect your husband. It seems he understands you very well. Even though when he wakes up he sees you in front of the laptop and when he goes to work, you are also in front of the laptop and when it's night you are still in front of the laptop...😁

Haha! You got me smiling 😊

Dukungan penuh dari saya untuk kanda @alee75 untuk terpilih sebagai Tim kurasi september.

Semoga berhasil kanda.

Terima kasih bang, kita semua berusaha berkontribusi terhadap platform ini... 🙏

Success in your application as you set out to continue your duties...

Thank you. Success also for you brother..

Best of luck @alee75 for the application

Thank you sista....🙏

sukses untuk anda pak, anda cukup layak untuk berada tempat terbaik.

Aamiiin ...semua kita berusaha yang terbaik...terima kasih supportnya dan segera susul buat aplikasinya ..

Sukses selalu pak👍

Insya Allah...Aamiiin....

Good luck pak @alee75 👍🏻

Terima kasih. Harapan yang sama untuk kita semua...🙏

Semoga berhasil mr. @alee75
Karena ada memiliki kemampuan itu...

Terima kasih supportnya bu...

Pasti itu pak...


You have presented a well detail application my friend, you are a very dedicated and active steemian and i have no doubt about your capacity to carry out this task. I wish you success my friend.

Thanks for the support brother. I hope you can also join this application to support the platform...

Yes my friend i have already drop mine, you may want to check it out.

Great. I'll check it...

Sukses selalu buat anda Mr Alee

Aamiiin....terima kasih bg muzack1. Sukses untuk kita semua...🙏

terimakasih pak atas aplikasi nya,
saya belajar banyak dari aplikasi yang anda tulis sehingga membuat saya termotivasi untuk ikut ambil bagian dalam Application For Community Curator For The Month Of September 2022 kali ini

Another powerful application from another powerful steemian.

An apply as yours will give the steemit team a tough time is selecting other users.

You have well formatted your post, obeyed all the rules of the steemit team, you are not acting out of hypocrisy like other steemians that are submitting their application.

I believe that you will give in your best once this job is given to you, I wish you the very best @drqamu

Kindly drop a comment and upvote on my application just as I have on your application.

Your comments are highly appreciated.
Here's the link to my application

semoga sukses, saya ingin melihat anda kembali terpilih dalam kompetisi ini, menurut penilaian saya anda pantas menjadi kurator yang adil

I wish you all the best in your application. I see you already have an experience In curation and would do more better if given another opportunity

Tidak diragukan lagi, anda memang pantas untuk mengambil tanggung jawab ini, anda telah menunjukkan kinerja anda yang profesional sejauh ini. Sukses selalu untuk pak bos....

You have been an active steemian who has contributed a lot to the growth of Steemit. I am sure you will do well if selected as a curator in september.

Thanks for the support brother. Hope you are selected for September. good luck...

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