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There are two types of curation on Steemit. Content Curation and Social Curation. However they both cover the topic "curation", they do differ from behavior and are approached from different perspectives.

Content Curation

This type of curation is all about searching, organizing quality content that is presented in a collection of various themes and topics gathered by the curator. In this collection a small part of the content will be used with a hyperlink to the full entry of the author. In some cases, curators add their own interpretation and commentary of the gathered content.

A collection of different themes and topics can be useful to various readers who would like to have a quick summary of curated content. In our opinion, Content Curators are very important to the Eco system of Steemit. There is a lot of content that is provided and has not been digested by many other readers. However, researching and finding quality content yourself that has to be discovered can be something very exciting.

If you thought content curation could only be done by a group of people, you're wrong. You can create collections of great content yourself.

A good example is the curation team of @OCD. They write about their findings and add their own interpretation with commentary.

Social Curation

On Steemit, we are all social curators. We give up-votes, down-votes and we give comments. With every up-vote (depending on the weight of your up-vote and your influence on Steemit) you curate the reputation of the author (25) as well. The higher the pay-out, the more likely that that piece of content will appear on the trending page. The more engagement a piece of content receives, the more it is likely that it will appear on the 'hot' page.

@Curie is a good example of Social Curation and what the impact can be like for an author and a piece of quality content. The team of @Curie often does an author showcase on their blogroll. They promote the author and not only one piece of content.

Both types of curation are incredible valuable to everybody on Steemit. Whether you are a individual curator, or work with a group of curators, there is a lot of content and authors out there that are undervalued. Stay tuned for a in-depth article about Curation and Engagement.

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You make this post very simple to read. In my view, Content curation is on decline due to excessive use of bots. Bots have got dominancy over human reader. This is bridging gap between quality and steemit. It can hurt steem if not controlled properly. In both curation models, most stakes lies with steem in terms of controllability. Bots dominate the both sections. People are relying more on bots. I just raised my voice for Quality Vs Bot post

I agree, curation brings incredible value to Steemit. Not only because it helps quality content to rise to the top, but also because it allows for members of the community to engage and connect with each other. Also, talking about what other people are doing well and why we think they are doing it well also shows that we are confident in our abilities and are willing to share the spotlight, even in our own space. So, its a win-win-win for the curator, the author or post being highlighted, and the overall community.

While variation at the time of choosing, everything is fine

You keep it simple and clean, thank's for head up ;)

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