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RE: What was your first Steem post about? Win 50 Steem!

in #curation2 years ago

When did you find Steem?

Scott and I found Steem in July of 2018 and it wasn't until August that we were able to begin posting.

What did you first write about?

The very first post was our introduction post. You can view it here. Since we already have a website where we blog about our travels and adventures, I was accustomed to writing about ourselves so it wasn't difficult really.

What was your first impression?

At first I was concerned we would never be found or liked because after three previous years on Facebook (about 210 subs at the time) and YouTube (under 100 subs at the time) and not having any traction I feared this would just another failure to make us feel as if we were wasting our time. However, within two weeks we were completely found and taken in by @dreemsteem and @bluefinstudio's @welcomewagon.

Who was your first "fan"?

There were three people who grabbed on to us @lynncoyle1, @itravelarts, and @mirrors. These three powerhouses got us out there and introduced us. After starting @heyhaveyamet and learning about how to get new people introduced and promoting their posts in places like Steem Terminal ( and on shows like Pimp Your Post Thursdays on the @ramblingradio I have learned that they really put an effort into getting others to notice us. So thankful for them.

Thanks for asking this, it's been really good to remember our roots in the Steem Blockchain Community.


So glad that our paths crossed here @xcountytravelers :) Hope you are doing well!

Lynn Sweetie 💗🌸💗 it's been too long! You're in my prayers often. I hope life is likea big yummy taco and a fresh cold cerveca with a juicy lime wedge. BIG HUGS

Me too. So appreciate you.