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RE: Upvote Shares Level 17 Available...

in #curation2 years ago

Thanks @barbara-orenya.

The ones who get sponsored will get on the auto-upvote list once that gets recylced and will automatically get a free share in the @upvoteshares account once they reach enough Sponsorships. So they don't have to do anything. The sponsorships are there to pretty much make Steemit a more friendly place and help smaller accounts get some uvpvotes that remain when sponsored enough times. So far 45 free shares from the @upvoteshares account (Paid for by the program) have been given out. I hope that explains it better.

5 shares [Share 857 to 883] have succesfully been assigned to you and your sponsorships have been noted. You are now at 10 Shares and the upvote % will be adjusted latest by tomorrow.


Thanks for the explanation @upvoteshares 😉