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RE: The Daily Whistle Stops, Issue #574. (10/20/19)

in #curation3 years ago

I know. The ambivalence has been compelling ... and powerful for such a long time. Three months ago virtually to the day, my cards said this needed to end. But ... I'm stubborn. And I have a soft spot for lost causes when I believe in them ... and fighting the inevitable until, as I told Ethan in my letter, "this just doesn't make any sense any more. Not for anyone."

I dreamed about you and @birdsinparadise last night and your beautiful posts. They are such works of art. Of the things I will miss, those are the top of the list. (Hugs)


It's just so sad to know @thesteemengine is no longer chugging along on it's way to the Whistle Stop, but we all know any engine needs fuel and that sadly was running out!
So sweet to hear that our wonderful friend @birdsinparadise and I, or rather our food, is popping up in your dreams dearest @enchantedspirit! Are we still going to see you from time to time?
Thank you for the hours you've sacrificed curating!
Enjoy the rest, although I think you'd rather keep yourself busy on other projects not so;)

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