Shane's Curation Curiosities

in curation •  3 months ago

More ideas were given to me about my main thumbnail. You guys were right, it wasn't quite perfect yet. But now I think we have reached peak awesomeness with it! I know what you're thinking: "Shane, how do YOU find time to curate AND make kick-ass thumbnails?" The answer is simple.

The following will be upvoted by the msp-curation account, and one post will be featured in the weekly wrap-up and resteemed on @minnowsupport

I've been a fan of Douglas's's (How many apostrophes are needed?) For many years, I was happy to see him on Steemit. Read, be weirded out and entertained. Do it.

You ever hear of Vachemorte? Well, why the hell not? Watch him punch a guitar here!

Here's a Shane FUNFACT: I dig me some Abstracts, here's a great post about abstracts and dolphins. You go upvote this. You do it now!

I also dig on some fractals. I've tried to make them before but failed something miserable. SWOOP to the rescue!

Finally, I have a post here from Claxton. He's spot-on about Choon. If you're a musician or music lover, you should check out this platform.

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Cheers for this informative and frankly, interestingly eccentric post! Everything I admire about Shane Walker and more.
She's a lucky gal @isaria
See you tomorrow

Nice curation choices Shane! Team @msp-curation

WORD bro thanks for featuring my stuff! Mad love to ya!