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Sighs do not only leave our mouths,
they exit our eyes, as well -
like crumpled clouds losing courage -
unable to remain airborne
they sail, emptily, to the ground.

Eye Sigh by @yahialababidi is a great example of Yahia's work in general- metaphors that stick in your mouth, beautiful imagery. You should check out all of his writing if you have the opportunity.


the earth
and its green sprout
are born and travel
again this afternoon
in the rain

Aroma of Earth by @josemalavem speaks of "the promise in the mud" and I can't think of anything that describes life more right now.


The Great Queen with the smell of sweet basil in her hair
She tilts, and she turns, and she swivels in her chair
She twists, and she twirls, and she flips her hair
And good goddamn, that smile is almost too much to bear

The Great Queen by @sgtechservices is a love poem that I STAN for. And that ending just cuts.


On a rooftop at midnight reliving our childhood
We can guess the shapes of clouds

Darkness Gives Birth to the Sun by @cclarke is another poem that makes expert use of juxtaposition and gives a message of hope and redemption that I think everyone could use right now.


Loyalty...'Tis a funny thing, isn't it?
Strong as iron, fleeting as the wind....
Dependable like a sunrise, as fickle as the weather.

Fifty Shades of Loyalty is a stream of conciousness piece that introduces a larger upcoming work of fiction.

Art is sourced from the respective posts
Reflections by Sunravelme


Many thanks, for the honorable mention, Sun, and all you do!

How are you holding up in these crazy times?

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