“ Steemph.cebu Weekly Feature of Authors | Week # 13 ”

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Welcome to Steemph.cebu Weekly Feature of Authors | Week # 13!

In line with the mission of @steemph.cebu to discover and highlight the blogs and works from Cebuano Steemit users, we proudly present to you our “Weekly Feature of Authors” – it’s a weekly post compilation highlighting the best posts Cebuanos with #cebu tag and that our aim is to feature and reward the crafts of Cebuano Steemit users that standout in that week. In return, they receive upvotes from @sndbox as part of their Member Voting program.

What do the Authors get when featured?

Because @steemph.cebu as a community is directed to power-up their earnings for a stronger voting influence, @Steemph.cebu is committed to power-up most of their SBD earnings . With the support of @sndbox being @steemph.cebu as part of their sndcastles, these will be the new reward system for the featured authors :

  • The Featured Posts of the authors will receive a direct upvote from @sndbox as part of their Member Voting Program (value subject to change depending on @sndbox updated scheme of voting).
  • Authors will also receive a direct vote from @steemph.cebu.
  • Post gets visibility because the authors and their posts will be included in our Weekly Feature schedule.

We Encourage Everybody to use #cebu, #steemph & #philippines as part of your tags.

We encourage everyone to use the tag #cebu, along with #steemph and #philippines as part of your tags. It isn't necessarily to use it as your primary tag. This is for us to easily filter posts of the Cebuano Steemians and be able to filter the best posts of Cebuanos. Another thing is that we are preparing something big for Cebu (the curation) and everything.

So please consider using #cebu as part of your tags, Cebu Steemians!

With this initiative, we are featuring now six posts in all categories with the following criteria :

  • Clear intention and thought as to how the post was conveyed its message to the readers.
  • Using the tag #cebu as part of your tags.
  • Creativity / Formatting / Markdown Techniques wrre properly applied.
  • Plagiarism free content (posts without @cheetah & @steemcleaners comments).
  • Exceptional Content.

Here are our Weekly Featured Authors & their Post


Sneak Peek into the Underwater World: The Science of SCUBA Diving




My Freehand Ballpoint Drawing: "Brother"


I promoted Steemit to My Family Members During the Special Event. Look how did I spent my Payouts. Hope this Inspires you.


Exploring the Capital City of Island Adventures! Surigao, Philippines | The Frugal Traveler's Guide


Of Chinese Temples and Filipino-Chinese Traditions

Please Support These Creative Authors

Your upvotes and resteems will be very much appreciated to support on those authors. Please take a look at their blogs.

Thank you and More power Cebu!


salamat kaayo for the recognition 😀 hoping for more to come 😀

Nice guys...keep it up... go go Cebuanos and cebuanas

Congratulations guys :) :)

hi, if I maybe so bold where can I join Steemph.cebu?

hi @steemph.cebu
I already followed the trail. Thanks and Godspeed!

congratulations to our cebuano authors!

Sadya di-are ba, daghang cebuano, Congratulations sa ato tanan tapok tapok ta diri.

This is amazing Congratulations!!
to my fellow Cebuanas/Cebuanos Steemains let's take this as the start of our steps together to achieve something big as one.
Maau ni nga dungog sa kabisay-an.

Thank you for the feature bisag one week late nako in finding out I was featured. Haha!

Padayun Cebu Steemit Community and @steemph.cebu!

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