Daily Story Selection - 2/21/2018 (Wed)

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Good hunting!

  1. Travel Norway #4 - Live with big L - Cabin trip to Heia


  2. I'm not a winter person, but


  3. Photoshop workflows - It's your life, it's your call


  4. Wings in flight over the lake


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Amazing professional photos. Thank you for the beautiful post.

Good post

I really like the first one, Travel Norway. First off because I LOVE travel. Second, I haven't been to Norway, and third, because the photos are amaze-balls!

awesome pictures I love it

Very good post, amazing professional photo. Thanks for sharing friend.

good post, good luck always

wow...Amazing professional #photos... Thank you for the beautiful #post...i love your post..my dear friend @steemfuzzy..


thank you my dear friend @steemfuzzy...♥…

Beautiful and amazing fhotos.
Thanks fir sharing @steemfuzzy.

Nice post

I thinks this is a natural photography, nice to see. good job brother @steemfuzzy

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hi @steemfuzzy i have read your post and give vote too. I also want to post my post like you but I still do not understand how to use it. Please help @steemfuzzy

regards @uswatunhasanah

amazing selections those photo are beautiful and well detailed

great content
good information
thanks for sharing

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amazing photo. thank you @steemfuzzy
upvoted and resteemed

Stunning photos. great colors and silhouette!

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The photography is amazing. Specially the one with the sunset and the lake.

@steemfuzzy hello this is a nice story. How to join in this contest. You pick others story. What I need to do to select my story? Please inform me.

Nice post

the photos are amazingly beautiful

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These are all great shots @steemfuzzy! It's tough to choose "the best" but if I HAD to, I'd choose the first! I have Upvoted and resteemed


I'm not a winter person but with a picture like that i think i would pass... Oww yeah i remember my country doesn't hqve winter

@steemfuzzy Only one word to describe the above photos - Incredible!

Wow~!! Great photos. The sky of first one looks fabulous.
Thank you~!!

the extraordinary beauty of this photo looks so awesome

Your post is really great.

that is just spectacular piece of photography ..
upvoted you and followed you :)
keep it up!

As always my friend @steemfuzzy, great photos

Sangat indah terima kasih atas postingan nya