Brainstorming, Art + Creativity in Sndbox [Posts 10/16-10/23]

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Play It Forward (Episode IV) - QUACK!

@playitforward: There is music around all around us. This series features an element of everyday life and how it can inspire a soundscape.This episode features ducks floating down a stream at the Olympic National Park. As each duck passes the branch on the right, they trigger wind instruments to sound (oboe, English horn, clarinet, piano).

Painted Fireworks I - Animagic

@animagic: Oil Painting effects are becoming more and more popular. I wanted to experiment with how I can manipulate fireworks. Painting them in Photoshop seemed like a really cool approach to making something like fireworks take on a slightly different light (pun intended).

Janeta, 2017 - Anonymous Artist Portrait of Fashion Designer

@mrblinddraw: Janeta is a high fashion designer. This painting is supposed to feel like a high fashion take on someone who works in fashion. The colors, contrasts, everything was chosen as if it were designed to be a piece of high-end clothing, furniture or... art.

Doomsday Scenarios-Big Crunch

@steeminator3000: Eventhough we didn't know what exactly happened at the moment of Big Bang . It is a widely accepted theory that has been a beacon of light to our existance. From nothingness to something and it all happened with a gigantic explosion. Todays Doomsday Scenario Big Crunch is the quite opposite of the Big Bang from everything to nothingness.

[Book] #16. Momo by Michael Ende - Momo and Beppo, Who Know How to Listen and Breathe

@bree1042: Did you have to juggle a very hectic schedule today? If you've ever wondered how time can seem to fly faster than the speed of light, then there are two people I'd like you to meet: Momo and Beppo.

Aesthetics & Functionality – Finding a Bridge

@roused: There is a temptation to think of art, beauty & aesthetics as being on one end of a spectrum, and functionality as being on the other. At times that may be true, but it isn't always the case. Yesterday I posted about a pedestrian bridge that I personally find aesthetically pleasing. It's also in harmony with its surroundings, yet thoroughly functional.

Age/Steemit reputation is only but a number

@alvinauh : At times, it can be difficult to continue trying to post quality content on Steemit. One may get demotivated and overwhelmed. However, it's important to continue learning from past mistakes and never give up.

Investigating the Top 50 Cryptocurrencies, Part 4/50: Siacoin

@heymattsokol: Matt is currently posting a series of in-depth investigations for the top 50 popular cryptocurrency tokens. This week's post on Siacoin went on to be translated in three languages, get retweeted by the official Siacoin twitter account, and now sits at more than 1,400 views! You can follow him to catch the remaining 41 entries in the series.

How did Achilles just die with an Arrow?

@myego13: What if Achilles had sever’s disease in his heel since childhood?
Yes, we are correlate another myth to real disease.

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