Articles of the Week: Art, Community and Culture [Posts 5/21-5/28]

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Hip Hop The Blockchain Anthem, Spreading Blockchain and Hip Hop through the Music

@djlethalskillz: Vandal teams up with DJ Lethal Skillz for a Hip Hop The Blockchain Anthem!

Cards Designs: Typical Users

@dunsky: It was an order for the number one email provider in Russia ( They needed 10 cards with different typical users depicted on that.

Sprout: From Seed to Song - A Dsound Community Initiative with @playitforward

@playitforward: A new music initiative promoting music creation and inspiration.

Pencil Portrait, A Portrait For An Awesome Couple

@coloringiship: I have not posted anything here on Steemit for the past ten days. One of the reasons I was busy was because I received a huge portrait commission to draw a family portrait.

Kiwanja -- Fiction -- Chapters 3, 4, 5

@roused: Dearest Keysha... It was very difficult for me not to inform you of what had happened to Hattie, or of my illness.


About the Article

Growing TeamMalaysia - Steemit Bootcamp SG

@bitrocker2020: Finally did a Steemit Event in Singapore . Had a really great time and an awesome crowd in Singapore. Thanks to @maverickfoo for getting it organized , @aaronleang and @joannewong in helping.

Travelicious NYC, Last Day in the Big City

@gringalicious: The last day of our trip was really only a half day because we had to fly out in the evening.

Is it Difficult to Get Attention from Whales?

@ayijufridar: Apparently, there needs to be some very basic special guidance to Steemians. They are not well informed about Steemit.

The Art of Shitposting?

@anomadsoul: Recently I've seen some of the best content creators here on Steemit - some of them with whom I've chatted a lot about this subject.


About the Article

Real Life Captured Video Tour #34: Angelmo Sea Food Market! Puerto Montt, Patagonia Chile! Travel Pro Eats Some Bizzare Live Seafood and We See Huge Sea Lions. Part Three (9 min video)

@world-travel-pro: Come along with the Travel Pro and see what is happening at one of Patagonia's most famous sea food markets!

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Articles of the Week: Art, Community and Culture.

Wow....super support @sndbox within the steemit blockchain, your support towards steemians and the communities at large is overwhelming and it is equally encouraging. Thanks for always supporting and promoting educative, creative and original content with the blockchain as well as encouraging most steemians to remain in steemit. Finally congratulations to the above winners.


Thanks @sndbox for the curations and support, you guys rocks . Congratulations to all that are featured on this one. Kudos and keep it up . You’re impacting lives @sndbox

You are very instrumental in supporting us to become dolphins. When a beginner start steemit and read the postings and support you, would they be the spirit in work be steemian dolphins. Keep it up @sndbox

Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777