The SFT Curates 9/22/17

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The SFT is back with a bonus curation this week. This story got our attention through a contest hosted by @v4vapid. It won the contest, and won our hearts. We hope you enjoy!

This curated story will appear today in the SFT Library at


CURATION: 9/22/17

Our bonus curation this week is “Dance Into The Divine” by @jordan.lesich .

The journal of a man stranded in Antarctica after his fishing boat went down holds some eerie clues about his last days on the frozen continent.

This curation trail is a project made possible by @aggroed 's PALnet @minnowsupport channel, conceptualized by @andrewgenaille, @rhondak, @mk40, and @swelker101. Logo created by @pegasusphysics. If you would be interested in lending your support through delegation, please contact @mk40 or @swelker101 .


This is incredible! Love it. @sft

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