The SFT Curates 12/14/17

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We have an unusual curation today--a two-fer, and a blast from the past. One author cranked out not one but two memorable stories this week. Another author published one a while back that we completely overlooked. We can't upvote that one, but we can certainly transfer a meaningful SBD reward.


We chose today's selections because they are tightly written, well-edited, and show creative innovation. The authors were willing to work hard to get the technical aspects right, as well as the storytelling mechanics.

These curated stories will appear today in the SFT Library.

CURATION: 12/14/17

Our selections today are listed alphabetically by username: “Don't Stop Me Now,” by @anarcho-andrei, "Known" by @jrhughes, and “Loneliest Number,” by @jrhughes.

Heart racing, pulse pounding tension escalates to fever pitch in this nail-biter of a futuristic tale. Hold on to your seats for unrelenting action as Alexis King teaches the Aromak corporation a lesson they won't soon forget.

Anna's pregnancy doesn't buy her one bit of consideration when her past comes calling. As much as she'd like to be completely self-sufficient in this world, this time the only thing standing between her and disaster is a kinship she's already known.

So much is wrong in this version of reality. Charles doesn't want to believe it, but just when he begins to accept the new version of his life, he opens his eyes to discover everything he'd trusted was a lie.

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All great selections! Well done @jrhughes and @anarcho-andrei.

Thank you so much, this is a real treat! And an honor to be featured​ with @anarcho-andrei's fantastic piece :D

Congrats to @jrhughes (twice!) and @anarcho-andrei! 'Known' was particularly gripping for me, if I can call out one specifically. Another great group of stories here!

Awesome! What is the best way to get to the actual posts? I can certainly go spelunking in the blogs of @anarcho-andrei and @jrhughes, but it would be super awesome if you added the story links here. 😊

Looks like images for each of the posts are hyperlinks.

Bless you, @jasonbu! That never crossed my feeble mind. Whew! Mystery solved.

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