4th of July Reflection, Account Builder #10

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As it's growing darker out and some people are starting to fire off fireworks for the 4th of July I am sitting in my office thinking about how to help better Pay It Forward here and in life. I live a fairly blessed life and while life has tossed more then a few monkey wrenches at me over the years life has been good. Not a rich man in terms of money, but in life I am as rich as they come.

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So why am I sitting home alone tonight if I'm so rich with friends and family...well I spent the entire day hanging out with friends. Watching my kids get rides in the sidecar of a motorcycle, played games, and had a few drinks. But tomorrow I must be up at 5am so staying out late isn't an option so I'm home while my Wife and Kids stayed out with our friends to go see fireworks. Like I said, I'm not rich in the money department so I work my butt off most days.

Anyways back on point. Wanted to let you all know that I'm tossing some ideas around in my head on how to give you more in terms of rewards and exposure when you enter the contests we will host. But most importantly how to better reward those who enter the Curation Contest. This contest takes time and effort. I know with the lower price of steem the rewards have been fairly small and I honestly feel bad about this. So far I haven't come up with an ideal solution, but know that I'm trying to find even more sponsors and hope at some point in the near future to be giving out larger rewards. One thing that I know can help you all get more rewards is eSteem.


Now for those of you that aren't using eSteem (@esteemapp) you need to consider it. Each post made using eSteem has the chance of being curated by one of the manual curators. These curators look at the posts made and decide which ones to award a vote to by esteem and good-karma. The total value of these votes varies based on the reputation of your account. They don't share exactly how the algorithm works, but the value of the vote for this new account is much lower at $0.79 then it is for @thedarkhorse account which just got a vote of $3.83.

Mind you not all posts get curated and they are looking for quality posts. But at the very least everyone should look into using esteem for their curation contest entries. I know for sure that many of these have been picked up and rewarded in the past and at least 1 has already been picked up this week. The top 2 most valuable votes on that post are from the esteem account and good-karma.

1 important point that you need to keep track of. You can only be curated once per 24 hours. So if you post a lot don't expect all your posts to get picked up.

So hopefully that helps some of you earn bigger rewards on your curation entries!

Account Building

Nothing new to share with you on the account building side. Just please keep up the support and everyone will see the rewards for their efforts. No vote is to small and resteems are great exposure.

Think we are about 2 weeks out from launching the first contest that will be run on this account. Looking forward to getting this started and a sponsor is already in place for SBI shares.

What is @pifc?

It has been suggested that some people may not know about @pifc and why we are running account builder posts. Makes sense, it's a new account and not everyone knows about the amazing Pay It Forward Curation Contest.
@pifc will be the home of all Pay It Forward Contests. To get to a point where this account is strong enough to give out real votes and be at least slightly self sufficient we are running "Account Builder" posts every other day. The SBD & Steem earned from these posts currently is purely used to power up the account.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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I missed this one yesterday. Better late than never, right?

maybe you should try to run the next week contest using this account? but you can upvotte and comments with this too, so more people will try to get to know this account and your other accounts can joining other contest and win something for pifc too. it's only a suggest, I know nothing better than you.


I have a few things going for my main account that wouldn't transfer over here that help fund the contest.


I heard that you can transfer the sbi share from one account to new account, well I don't mean that you should do that. Hope that the witnesses who you voted for will help after they completed producing block with the new version


The SBI shares are a small part of what I have going for the account. The age of my account and reputation score along with some other factors mean when I curated by esteem it's a nice vote for my main account vs the new pifc account. This is a couple dollar difference and that matters. Then I am whitelisted for a profitable vote that is about half of the amount you see on the curation contest posts. These two factors really make a difference in the amount that I can put towards the contest.

At this point we have pifc over 100 sbi shares and I'm probably adding another 25 myself this week. Of the shares 60 or so are from me and I can't transfer my share to pifc as I was the one that bought them, that is SBI doesn't allow both ends of a share to go to one party. Hope that makes sense...been a long week for me.


OK, I understand it now 😊, so the only thing works for pifc is you buy shares or other bloggers buy a share for the account. I am struggling on my own but I know what I can do now😉

Hope that you can through this week smoothly and all the best 👋

Can you believe it, account builder 10 already! Here is my upvote.

Happy belated 4 July... My schedule this week is insane, I've got some catching up to do all round.

Thanks again for the esteem reminder! Happy 4th of July; sounds like it was a fun day.

Truthfully, I'm at a bit of a loss myself on how to grow this account.

I do not use nor understand curation trails that well, but if you could somehow follow the top curation person on Ashers curation league, it may help a little bit.

Author rewards are doing pretty good, you are getting about 4 steem a week so that is not bad at all, slow growth though not as slow as some. As the SP builds building more SP gets easier as it grows. I myself have not figured that out yet, but I see that it works so that is why I keep trying to build my SP.

Renting SP seems to help in some cases, and not so much in other cases. @davemccoy is pretty good at doing that for F.O.G. so he may have some ideas about account growth.

In the mean time, your Help grow the account post are helping. I will continue to try and stop by and vote on them.


Thanks for the support. The tiny vote this account has wouldn't earn any real curation to speak of so not worth the effort. Right now leasing SP isn't worth it, but once I get into a better mode of posting more often it might make sense. But to be profitable it takes a ton of self voting which I just suck at doing...

You're so kind... I will try to win this week and let @pifc have the prize, ilI am not money rich ..but I know that I won't cash out any of my steemit payouts because it's belongs to communities.

Happy independence day!