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Let me start off by stating I am in no way affiliated with the CreativeCoin crowd, but I love creativecoin and I have carved out my tiny little curation place in the #fiction and #steemfirstpublishing corners of #creativecoin. I try to read all post posted on #creativecoin with either of the tags #steemfirstpublishing corners of #creativecoin. I'll even run posts in languages I don't know (that well) through Google Translate, assuming the weirdness to be all Google's fault and curating accordingly. At this moment I am powering down a large part of my STEEM stake in order to get my CCC stake above the magic 100,000 CCC marker, a milestone I hope to reach in about two weeks. I'm not a big fish by any means, but in my tiny little corner of the creativecoin universe, I try to make my votes count for something.

Until now I've been upvoting in silence. I rather spent my limited time on the platform reading and working on my own fiction, than I do writing comments on posts. But I realize some form of feedback other than my vote values could be of use. So starting today, I am commenting, not with an anoying canned text response, but with a rating icon I think tells everything I want to convey with my vote.

Star icons


The first type of icon I comment with is the base Silent Bob Creative Coin star icon. The stars speak for themselves and corespond to the following upvote values:

  1. 1%
  2. 10%
  3. 25%
  4. 50%
  5. 90%

Power-Up icons


When up voting, I do take into account whether the post in question was posted with the 100% power up posting option. If it was, I increase the upvote value by up to 10% of my total voting strength:

  1. 5%
  2. 20%
  3. 35%
  4. 60%
  5. 100%

Comments: stars, up-votes but no icons

To encourage social interaction and to make good use of my voting quota, I do up-vote comments on the posts I curate. I don't want to spam everything with my icons though, so I don't respond to the comments, I just up-vote them:

  1. No upvotes
  2. 1%
  3. 10%
  4. 25%
  5. 50%

Tag-abuse icon


I've stopped policing #creativecoin as a whole for non-creative content. Apparently my ideas about creative content are a bit narrower than those of the #creativecoin team, so to avoid conflict, I now only down-vote abuse of the #fiction and the #steemfirstpublishing tags. If you post posts on #creativecoin using the fiction tag, they should either be fiction, review fiction, or solicit fiction, for example, because they are writing contests. If you post artwork as fiction, politics, cooking or whatever, I consider that tag abuse and I will flag it.

  • -1% for first offenders
  • -10% if it happens again
  • -25% for those that really don't know when to stop.

spam icon


If your post or your comment is spam, and I don't think that needs any explanation, you may end up with the spam icon as a comment.

  • Regular spam: -50%
  • What The Actual Fuck type of spam: -100%

Opting out of star icons

While I won't let anyone opt out of tag abuse or spam icons, you can opt-out of receiving my new star rating icons. Just comment on this post, or on the star icon comment I made on your post. You will still receive my up votes, but I'll stop posting star icons as comments to your post.

Curating up to two posts per account per day.

Posting six times a day? I'm sorry, but I can only commit to curating two posts per author per day. If you didn't post for days before a burst of posts, I might pick up on a third one as an exception that confirms the rule, but that's it.

Become a CreativeCoin "Silent Bob" curator?

If you have a few thousand CCC or more staked and you like my way of curating on #creativecoin and would like to do the same with your own #creativecoin stake, please feel free to create a page like this one for yourself and use my silent bob curation large icons. You can pick your own niche by picking your own set of tags you curate on #creativecoin. Make sure to, like me, mention you arent affiliated with the CreativeCoin team to avoid confusion (unless you are affiliated of course). If you do, please let me know. There is no accountability, no group rules, no boss, no hierarchy, nothing.

If you identify as a Silent Bob Curator, you are a Silent Bob Curator.

There are some strong suggestions however that I suggest you take into account for the sake of common sense:

  • You have at least 5,000 CCC staked (more is obviously better)
  • You don't use your Silent Bob Curator identity on posts without a #creativecoin tag.
  • You don't use Silent Bob Curator star comments to respond to comments.
  • Link to your own master curation post, not mine or somebody else's.
  • You make it clear you are not part of the CreativeCoin team (unless you are) as not to confuse people.

Again, these aren't rules, just common-sense recommendations. The moment you decide you are a Silent Bob #creativecoin curator, we are completely independent equals who just happen to both identify as Silent Bob #creativecoin curator. No tribes, leaders, or any of that nonsense.


Great idea!!

Like you I think the Creative Coin community is the best thing to happen to Steem for us creative types in a long time (ever?) so anything like this that raises awareness even more is great!!

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