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RE: Insight Into A Special Specialized Type Of Curation Targeted For Steem/Steemit Growth In The Developing Nations.

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Steemit is Life. Money is not what steemit is all about but the Human.. Huuuummmmaaaannnnn :)


I will help you with my vote friend, I hope to see you for my post. Greetings.

Extremely true

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens). You can read about these special tokens Here!!!

Money is infinite. If your happiness is money then you will never achieve such happiness. - Bob Marley .... Money according to academics is one of the motivation, but there is more to that. Money is quantifiable, but the experience and Joy you share to others cannot be quantified and that is what made these valuable... Steemit is a place to be human and forget the materialistic world... I have read that article and it was exhausting but worth every second of my life reading it :)

The real reason so many people who sign up eventually leaves steemit is because the motives are wrong. It's okay to start by desiring the money, but on getting here, discover the real drive and rewards follow eventually.

Yes I agree to that. We cannot deny the fact that in developing countries money is a precious commodity. People don't have time to spare and waste of becoming unproductive without earning a penny for they need to survive. Many leave eventually because some of them don't have support or they don't dedicate their selves to steeming. They just join without knowing their goal in joining the platform.

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