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My post is about tradition in my country that we love very much and how we celebrate First of March.



Wow ! Very Interesting !
It's always a pleasure to know the tradition of different people !

The Red and White color and the story behind them was great. Looks like the whole market can be called red market now ! :D

Thank you very much for your time to read my post. Much appreciated.
I am glad I could show a piece of our tradition.

My welcome :)
After seeing your post, I am inspired to show our tradition too.

This is such a great tradition. Those bracelets are cute, I think you'll get many more before the end of the parties.

Thank you very much. It is really a nice tradition.

That was really interesting about Granny Marta... I never knew about this tradition... Thanks for sharijng

Thank you for reading. :-)

My pleasure, I found it really interesting, I love finding out about other cultures and their customs..

Thanks for sharing @nelinoeva. This is a good fridaymarket post @nelinoeva. It's interesting that you tied the cultural aspects together with the market experience.

Thank you very much for reading my post. Much appreciated.

It's interesting learning about the customs and traditions in your and other countries! @nelinoeva I would enjoy going to the stores to buy the goodies and celebrating Martenitsa on March 1st!

I never knew any of this. This kind of thing is what I like most about this platform. It enables people from all over the world to share their lives with the rest of us. Very interesting post @nelinoeva. Thank you.

Thank you for your time checking my post. :-)