Naijaboost Daily Curation Report: Total of 43 Authors Curated

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In the light of supporting the Nigerian growing community, @naijaboost brings to you today's curation update.

Total of 43 Accounts was curated:

Authours curated in today:
@petermarie, @gloeze, @tosyne2much,
@osigbhemeh, @tranquilizer, @oredebby, @olamisexy, @altruisticbot, @steemit-giver, @roman3, @kuboskeey, @olalex, @princefm, @jeaniepearl, @tomilolafadipe, @giving-girl, @mistakil, @mdeecoded, @nairadaddy, @olumide, @steem-untalente, @silver001, @vellzz, @mzajoke, @dhavey,@adahmiracle,
@adahmiracle, @shollstun, @musteethany, @eleaza, @mizbussy, @emmakkayluv, @henry-9ja, @botefarm, @abidemi001,@greatness96, @samot, @jacobite, @bulleth, @oladayoamusan, @yaanivapeji, @tfame3865, @funkylove,

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Send Steem/SBD or delegate SP to @naijaboost.
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The Team;

The team behind this project still remains @ceepee, @ejemai, @gbenga.
Technical Adviser @donkeypong

Support so far:

Our appreciation goes to
SP Delegation


Thank you for your support so far for making this project a success.

Any complains, suggestion, queries, please direct them to @ejemai, @ceepee, and @gbenga on steemit chat.

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To build a United Nigerian Community that rallies around her people.


To empower, support, grow and sustain the Nigerian community while supporting one another.

All Author's payout will be directed towards funding @naijaboost.


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Report written by @dapeeyg


Thanks so much for curating my work, am so happy.

Congratulations to the curate.....

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