Naijaboost Daily Curation Report; Total of 38 Authors Curated

in curation •  5 months ago

In the light of supporting the Nigerian growing community, @naijaboost brings to you today's curation update.

Total of 38 Accounts was curated:

Authours curated in today:
@kuboskeey,@stach, @willywealth, @shahabshah, @t-flames, @afolwalex, @raymondbruce,@uche-nna,
@oliverwilliams, @steemingnaija, @noblepoundz,@princefm,
@edith4angelseu, @prettyjules, @rebeccafl,@juwanny30, @silene, @samostically,@eunireal1,@eleaza, @silver001,@jeline, @endurance1, @udezee,
@uloggers, @vellzz, @euguma, @bosun,
@ogochukwu, @egetex, @milagros, @annieben, @dapeeyg, @oluwatobiloba, @zanny, @sallyquin, @saminator, @musteethany.

Want to support this project;

Send Steem/SBD or delegate SP to @naijaboost.
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The Team;

The team behind this project still remains @ceepee, @ejemai, @gbenga.
Technical Adviser @donkeypong

Support so far:

Our appreciation goes to
SP Delegation


Thank you for your support so far for making this project a success.

Any complains, suggestion, queries, please direct them to @ejemai, @ceepee, and @gbenga on steemit chat.

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To build a United Nigerian Community that rallies around her people.


To empower, support, grow and sustain the Nigerian community while supporting one another.

All Author's payout will be directed towards funding @naijaboost.


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Report written by @dapeeyg.

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Awesome project I love your mission and vision statement , I see a lot of potential in it and it would go a long way in improving and helping the Nigerian communty ..

God bless this great community
I so much appreciate the love

Thank you guys and God bless you for the curation works.