My daily Manual curation: Featured posts [2019-05-03]

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Hello steemians,

For my project, I've selected some of my yesterday favourite posts chosen from among my daily "Manual curation report".
If you will, you could give them all a read and you can leave comments to the respective posts if you like them. I guess the authors don't mind a small vote as well.. better to get something than nothing!

I wish to specify clearly that itsn' a subscription service; I mean, gratis, no charge for authors. If you want, you can upvote this post but it is neither mandatory nor required.

I'm basically not asking for money or delegations, I'm just trying to be supportive of good authors, or at least those that in my opinion are good contributors.



VLOG #14: “Mineral Water” ⛲️, Shimla, India. Well, some of my Indian friends su ...

by @crypt0lizard

Carnivorous plant encyclopedia - Chapter 1: plants for the beginner: Utricularia (Bladderwort) - the trap genius

by @alexaventuria

Fishing on the weekend. Rainbow trout fishing in commercial pond.

by @spinner

Boldly running out in front!

by @artguru

일본 경양식집에서의 수플레 리조또 셋트 메뉴

by @sonki999

Small help for great work of kind hearted steemians!

by @bewithbreath

Recordando mi viaje a Bogotá-colombia.

by @ordosjc

[Tasteem] 고기가 가득한, "고기고기 덮밥"

by @isaaclab

Juicy Opportunities| Steem Contests | Steem Environmental Opportunities

by @thegreens

4/20 in Portland, Oregon 2019 Forward - Aura Photos, Winning Psychic & Cannabis Raffles + New Clones

by @elamental

Let me know with a comment to this post, if you have comments to this post or have suggestions for my curation project. I'me always open for positive criticism and improvements!

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