Weekly Technology Curation & SBD Giveaway #030

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Here are five of my favorite technology posts from the past week. All upvotes from the @msp-curation account went out on Wednesday. Please take the time to visit the content listed. While they are not required to be minnows, my goal is to focus on such members when possible.

Let's share some nerd-love to our fellow tech & science Steemians!

  1. Are We Getting Closer To Hyperloop Travel? by @chekohler

  2. These reasons will make you switch to Firefox ... farewell to Google Chrome by @ehabakhdar

  3. Ever Wonder How Hard Disk Drives Make Use Of Magnetism To Store Information? by @steematlas

  4. How To Make Your SSL Secure by @aks24

  5. Get Ready for Bitcoin price Tsunami if ETF goes through !!! by @don100100

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If you find an undervalued tech post (other than your own) that needs the love and attention it deserves, please to send it my way. You can leave a comment on this post with a link and a short blurb about the work. Or you can send the information to jrswab#3134 on Discord, you can find me in the @minnowsupport Project's P.A.L. Discord group.

If I use your find in next weeks post, I'll send you a portion of the SBD earned! One post used would yield 1/5th of the rewards, 2 yields 2/5ths, and so on.

J. R.

Thanks For Reading These Epic Posts!

All images came from royalty and attribution free sources unless specified.

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Thanks @jrswab for the feature :) I really appreciate the support


Thanks for making great content for the blockchain, keep up the hard work!

que maravilla, éxito para todos


¡Gracias por leer!

Yes great article

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Thanks for these articles! I switched from chrome to Firefox on January or so. I have a much better experience with it, at least on Linux.

Should try the brave browser though, which is built on Firefox :)


Brave is a nice browser. I use Firefox myself because of their containerized browsing.

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