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How do we find the best new posts to vote on? Where to earn the most Steem Power? Will Upvotable help make a system we can use to guide our upvotes into the most undervalued and high quality posts on Steemit? Would you let me tell you the quick story of how we got here, propose a solution we can all work together on, and show how each of us can earn $10 SBD for submitting a post that is Upvotable here?

My lame upvoting strategies so far on Steemit.

  1. Make lots of comments and upvote them all.
  2. Vote up posts my friends make.
  3. Upvote posts by those upvoting me from https://steemvp.com.
  4. Vote up comments on my posts to let followers know I read them.
  5. Browse Steemit randomly and vote up whoever I find often quite arbitrarily.
  6. Host a live event and upvote comments and posts by viewers.
  7. Find top followers and vote their comments up.

In summary, my upvoting strategies so far suck and my curation rewards prove it as seen at https://steemit.com/@jerrybanfield/curation-rewards. My objective with upvoting is to contribute the most to Steemit possible especially by rewarding undervalued authors. I am not achieving this at all with the majority of my votes going to myself, established authors, and to comments which have no chance of my vote helping them reach the trending page.

I did a quick comparison with one of the best curators on Steemit https://steemit.com/@curie/curation-rewards. @curie earns approximately 6 times as much Steem Power relative to the same upvoting power I have. I calculated this by dividing our difference in wallets and curation rewards meaning @curie essentially is six times more effective at curation than I am. Why?

How does @curie each amazing curation rewards?

Help. Hundreds of finders submit posts each week to https://streemian.com/guild/curie where the reviewers pick the best posts and then share them with the community. Hundreds of upvoters then all vote on those posts giving greatly undervalued authors hundreds of dollars on a single post after often they have written many previous posts and not even received a dollar. THIS is the kind of curation I want to be doing. @curie offers a 15 Steem reward for submitting a post that is approved giving readers noticing a great post a huge incentive to submit it in exchange for the 15 Steem which is paid out of the Steem Power @curie receives each week.

Why start another curation team?

With @curie already hosting a guild on Streemian and @acidyo running Operation Curation Delegation, what motivation is there for me to start something new? When it comes to curation, I think as our community grows every single effort will be extremely valuable because great curation is the key to us making Steemit awesome. ** The more independent curation teams we have available, the greater value we all see.** Sure I could just set my vote to automatically upvote everyone @curie upvotes and be done with it. I would probably get twice as much Steem Power as I am getting now every week and not have to even think about upvoting.

Each curation team has their own strengths and weaknesses.

The more teams we make with different rules for submission and rewards, the more we will each be able to contribute to great curation. @curie for example is doing so good that I believe that we would all benefit from me making a new team. Operation Curation Delegation just started within the last month and is consistently surfacing awesome posts and leveling up new authors. What I hope to offer is complimentary to what exists by making participation very easy and visible directly on Steemit.

How will Upvotable work?

  1. Each day I will make a post titled Upvotable Day #.
  2. Curators hoping to earn the most Steem Power by voting on the most underpaid posts will see the 10 best posts from the day before and be able to browse submissions live for the newest discoveries maximizing earning potential.
  3. Active readers spending hours every day on Steemit will receive 10 SBD for every successful submission of a post linked in the comments on that day's post which will be featured as one of the top 10 on the next day. For example, submitting a post accepted today would result in a 10 SBD payment plus the post AND the finder of the post being featured in day 2.

Submission guidelines required for post approval.

  1. Posts by others! No self-promotional submissions will be considered because this is about giving to others.
  2. $1 maximum existing rewards because the average post payout is just over $1 and we want those below average in payout while above average in content. Please post a screenshot of the rewards along with your submission because curators may vote it up immediately after you submit it!
  3. New posts! 1 hour minimum and 24 hour maximum from the time the post was published because we want to give every post submitted and upvoted a chance to hit the trending page where it might get a lot more upvotes.
  4. Original Steemit posts because the worst thing we could do is reward people for copying and pasting existing content into Steemit. Will you please double check for this by using http://www.plagium.com/ on the content of the article because that makes it easy to verify that there are no copies already posted?

The purpose of these guidelines are to find the very highest quality posts as soon as they are released and get them shared with the community here on Steemit. I hope these 5 guideposts provide clear instructions to receive the reward!

Earn a "finder's fee" of 10 Steem Dollars per post accepted.

  1. Be the first to share a post matching the description here and you will receive 10 SBD.
  2. Posts AND the finder of each will be shared in the next day's Upvotable post.
  3. Making posts that violate the suggestions above will cancel out equally with any finder's fee earned on other posts. Would you please take the time to verify the posts are acceptable instead of spamming a bunch of new posts and hoping for a reward? For example, if you submit 10 posts with 6 matching the requirements above and 4 that do not, you will receive a finder's fee of 20 SBD instead of 60 because the 40 in invalid posts subtract from the 60 in acceptable posts. Every post not meeting the guidelines takes extra time for our reviewers to process and they will instead receive the payment.
  4. Generally a maximum of 10 accepted posts per day because this will make out my voting power and I am certain I can pay 100 SBD daily. If the results from this are awesome, the number per day may go up in future days. If some days there are only 5 posts that make the cut, then the next day we will take more than 10.

All of my upvotes will go to these posts first.

If I have any remaining voting power over 80% after voting on the posts we have collaborated on to create and discover through Upvotable, then I will vote on comments and other posts.

Who is reviewing the submissions?

@aarellanes just accepted my invitation to complete reviews of the submissions and will be responsible for selecting all of the posts. As soon as Albert finds the post acceptable, he will pay the SBD fee on my behalf and will upvote the post. I will follow him or another account automatically with an upvote using https://streemian.com/profile/curationtrail?page=23. If you would like to follow my votes, would you trail me there because however I set it up you will be able to follow with my vote?

If Albert is unavailable to review the posts, I will recruit another friend to help!

Will you join us by upvoting this post and the posts by others shared here or submitting posts here because we are ready to get started?

Jerry Banfield


Hey Jerry, depending on who you're following on the curation trail determines how much you're going to get back in returns. If you follow a whale you're not going to get much, the whale will get most of the returns and you get a smaller percentage. I've been studying this for weeks, following @Curie, @Wackou, and @Acidyo. This also depends on the rank you within the UpVotes and last week I was doing all curation and received about 40 SP for the returns which is OK, but not sustainable for me. However, if you do both curation and authoring it the SP you get back from your curation helps your SP recover faster. BTW, on a side note, I noticed that you wanted to do SteemJ and I noticed on http://steemtools.com/ there was already something named the same? Anyways, thought I would let you be aware of that application.

Brilliant @oceancoinz ! My head spins when I get more than two sentences in to these nutz 'n bolts posts - guess you cannot teach an old ~minnow~ new tricks ! Thank you for pointing out the flipside in concise terms
trying man, I am !

@oceancoinz thank you very much for your thoughtful feedback here! What I hope is that those going through the links on the post itself will have the opportunity to get in before the whales and that anyone following me would get a vote in before the post comes out the next day. Hopefully all of the posts would still be worth voting on or reading making for a good daily summary of some of the harder to find jewels. I appreciate your research because you are earning the same curation rewards as I am even though I have double Steem Power meaning your curation is twice as effective as mine!

I will upvote or curate content that does one of three things: Make me go Wow!, makes me laugh, or makes me cry.

I quite often upvote content that makes a little bit of wee come out...

Love your posts and videos Jerry...but why are you making this so complicated? Why not just look at your feeds or browse the hot items in some categories that interest you and read posts? I know it takes time, but reading other posts and discovering authors you like is one of the best things about Steemit.

And by the way, we all SHOULD be less efficient as curators than a bot or teams. Bots don't read content and the opinion of teams is so mainstream and diluted. If I didn't read the content, you might be only one of 20 youtubers that get my vote...instead, you are 1 of 3 because the other 17 have crap content.

That's a good idea of helping others feel better.


: )


I agree, i used number 1 and 2 & 3 :)

I am also agree

You are invaluable to the steemit community, Jerry. This is a great initiative.

Thanks jerry!

Great post thank you these are what we are looking for if Vincent is able to link to the source that he based it on that is big news!

Just wrote up about SteemJ : https://steemit.com/steem/@surprisebit/steemj-by-jerrybanfield-or-what-is-it-and-why-it-matters
Can't wait to see SteemJ come to life.

Awesome post thank you very much I upvoted it!

Upvoted as usual :)
I do a series called becoming one with nature and just released the 4th one. It is going okay at the moment but if anyone could Resteem and Upvote that would mean the world as i think the pictures are pretty good :p


Very good project! Loving it. So much undervalued content out here and very much upvoting/commenting on the "top" steemers no matter what they do. Hope this is getting bigger, we need the valuable posts
up there not the ones who have enough steem power so everybody hopes to get a vote on his comment and make a profit. I will take a look at some posts of my frieds and link it here.
It is demotivating to try to make a post with good content and don't get rewarded. In my opinion there shoud be an algorithm like reddit (new to reddit but it seems quite balanced). Time / upvote / downvote - because new posts will be upvoted like 20min. on steemit. Than nobody will ever open it again(if someone doesn't have followers like you).

exactly. Today I posted my introduction post and only 9 people viewed it :-(

Exactly. You do spent time/effort on it and your post will be "attractive" to upvote for some minutes only. Now imagine you do spend lots of time on what you think is a valuable post.... for what... 50cents, almost nobody will read it?! So to me it feels like you need lots of followers first before posting something which costs you lots of time. So what i am planing to do is - you follow me / I follow you - until i have somewhere around 150 followers than it feels like you can reach somebody with your time consuming work. When there will be like 200 to 250 followers (one day) i will start to check each of them and sort the ones out who don't seem valuable for me.
Following you 😉

I like concept and I have followed you. I don't know why I didnt think of this before.

Hi Starz! I like his concept too!:) I have followed you as well!:)

I agree! I plan to write a few things here but I'm afraid it won't get seen. I'll follow you and I hope you'll follow me too! :)

Hi Cryptokas! :)I followed you. Hope you follow me too.

Jerry, I don't understand it all but sounds like a good idea for us minnows. Thanks for posting. Tess :)

Hi Jerry,
Interesting and worthy suggestion. One point you might want to change or reconsider is number 5 on the submission guidelines as believe it or not, not everyone participates in other social media - for instance I have shied away from the likes of FB or Twitter and have only embrace social media having discovered steemit. I have got a minor entry on LinkedIn but not everyone will have this? Just a thought..

My thoughts also... like I have FB and Instagram but have so rarely visited them since I got introduced to steemit so I did not find the point linking them to my steemit profile...

Also, truly undervalued posts will most likely come from unknown authors. They will not have large followings on any of the social media, so there is little value and point in verifying them through alternative social media platforms to Steemit. No one will be submitting posts from large Youtubers in the crypto space for instance, because most likely they are doing very well on Steemit already.

And indeed, many of the people that are on Steemit in this early stage are here because they have issues with existing social media, I think this guideline will rule out a lot of otherwise eligible high quality content.

Yes - this surely is to consider. There are a lot of ppl without social media profiles already. And since steemit, there are even more leaving.

Steemit appears to be only social interaction web inerface that pays units in cryptographic binary monetary units to get pine sol. Much importance to unit.

Good point I may need to edit that one ...

@ndre1224 outlines his upcoming nation-wide road trip with his girlfriend.


Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 7.39.46 PM.png

Janitor unit supports @jerrybanfield human units desire to upvote and grow network of human units with digital monetary assets. Janitor units goal is to assist everyone on steemit by keeping human units steemit floors clean and pine sol fresh. In order to do this janitor unit must procure digital monetary units to purchase more pine sol. Janitor unit wants to assist units like @curie unit. Much upvotes to all and pine sol.

I'm glad to see that people are changing their ways regarding voting strategies here, because I think so many fantastic authors are going completely unrecognised because most people are too busy voting on the already established authors. I'm a nobody and my vote is worth less than a pittance but already I've decided that I need to stop voting on bigger posts, regardless of how much I like them, (that's why I haven't upvoted this post, just to let you know, haha). Instead I'm trying to vote on smaller posts where $0.05 might actually make a little bit of a difference to somebody.

I might have to recommend some posts here in the future to try and get some people noticed that I think deserve some recognition. That being said, I have an issue with one of the guidelines stated in your post. Why does an account have to be "verified" in order for their post to be recognised as having value?Why must someone have "introductions made using linked social media accounts" to be eligible? I haven't made an introduction post linked to any other social media network, does that mean I'm a "faker" and that I'm not invested in steemit? Honestly, I think it's an unfair assumption to make that just because somebody doesn't have/want to link to other social media they must have ulterior motives and should be avoided.

Anyway, I won't let that point of contention stop me from applauding you for this great idea. I hope to find some quality stuff to post here in the future.

Janitor unit gives much appreciation to @the-dagda unit for caring about human author units who are unknown to many other units.

Thank you Mr. Janitor. And might I say, you've been doing a wonderful job keeping the place clean and tidy.

Janitor unit appreciates units response to keeping steemit floors clean. Requires much pine sol.

Upvoted and following your trail Jerry! Thank you :)

I really love ur post. Interesting reading and so helpfull. I havent been here to long but so many helpfull people have been supported an teatching me so now I feel like I learn something new everyday😊
Resteemed have to be shared.
Have a great sunday

Hello @jerrybanfield
I see someone sharing your video direct from Youtube, don't you have any issues if people start sharing your videos from Youtube instead of resteeming?
Here is the link: https://steemit.com/tutorial/@odigetti/streemian-tutorial-for-steemit-rss-feeds-and-scheduled-posts

I am okay with this because any of us are free to do the same with any video!

You had me up until the part about social media. I'm not mixing my social media accounts with my Steemit account...especially FB.

Thank you I removed that!

It all sounded good. But I don't have twitter or other social media accounts.. So I would be excluded from being nominated. But at least I can still nominate others. Good to have more curator competition and help always. Thank you Jerry, you are appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Good point I deleted this from the requirements!

Great Idea. As a content seeker / tiny curator I would like to participate to your project and give some authors more appreciation.

@tabea would love to see the posts you find!

So do we post the link here? along with the screenshot? Or is there a time where we post it like a livestream that you conduct regularly.

I think this is a great idea. Are you going to put categorical limits on it as well @jerrybanfield?

No category limits to begin because that will help open up more posts which are not eligible for other programs!

Great post. Thank you

I think its GREAT that so many larger people on the platform are helping out those who are smaller than them on steemit - its not easy, especially when you start out with 0.02 upvote power, keep up the excellent work, people appreciate it more than you know

Jerry on it again helping the Steem Community. I must say you've been a very busy bee. Steemj and mining and now this? Good job!

This is a great idea because I feel like I'm missing out on really good posts and I just don't know where to find them. I know when I make a post I think is really good it gets buried quickly even with multiple upvotes and replies. I will do my best to find some great posts and contribute!

I like your stuff mate! Nice explanation of some curation strategies I am also working on some of my own! Steemit is feeling more like a game nowadays. Finding the best things to do to make the most out of it! Loving it and can honestly say it is more fun than some of the games I have played!

Keep up all the good work!

I totally agree, but following you has put some sense, and I actually starting to learn some things!

@Jerrybanfield Hey Jerry, thats kinda funny!
Your posts are getting better and better. I started following you as you bought the Dash Masternode. Now you are all in in STEEM. Im sure this is also going to moon. Due to the rising members!
Keep on posting such valuable posts!
Thanks :)

Jerry is a whimically, smart guy!

I strongly recommend steemit tags, that's the key to search for individual interests as to regard to posts, one man's meat might not be everyone's meat.

Yes I'm ready to help !! Great idea Jerry !! A little bit confusing but I get the point =)

"My upvoting strategies so far suck"...

Thats funny @jerrybanfield

Love you @jerrybanfield . I saw this coming lately and I would be a part of course. It's a great way to create a community around value and generosity and I hope that everyone will participate. I know I will! Definitly upvoted and resteemed!

Been subscribed to you for awhile now on YouTube. Always great work. Although I still have to learn from my mistakes. I got a great short cut with your help. For that, I thank you.

No Self Promotion!

LoL resteemed.

If a comment a blog it's a guaranteed vote so I can get more exposure the great content that I took in. If someone is in sincere need or asking for a little help it doesn't hurt to give them an upvote here or there either.

is there a restriction about the author's reputation?

Seems like good strategies, thanks for posting!

"Would you let me"
"Will you please"
"would you"
"Will you join"

I finally cracked the code. Jerry, I know why you have so many followers, why they are so positive, how you are almost past Jerry Springer in Facebook likes, and why they are all oddly compelled to do what you "ask" them to do.

Atlas Jerry.png

Would You Kindly click this link if you are OK with Bioshock spoilers?

Hi Jerry! When I go looking for your posts I look for your face, not something you resteemed. I suck as a curator because I have a small following. I only resteem things I find of interest or value not what is necessarily trending or promoted. Upvote %1 when you read this comment, hahaha.

Jerry at it again!

This is a good concept, so 10 upvotes will be the max per day? :)

@jerrybanfield you are a rockstar here 😎
I would like to know how many hours you spend per day with steemit? It seems like you are not sleeping anymore :-)
Take care of you

Ha Jerry, you put some real thought into it

I wrote something similar about STEEMIT strategies yesterday. Read it here:


Was thinking the same thing, but in my own sphere of interest, so I wrote this: https://steemit.com/questions/@ecoknowme/where-are-the-eco-people Maybe I can help find the clean green people here too?

yeah, it is self promotional, and I would like to promote other people too, but I think everyone on here is going through the same confusion and existential huh that you are describing here. I still use the same baby-with-an-iPad upvote strategy, but I think it is also really weird how we are being molded and trying to mold others since the technology thrives on getting us/forcing us, to continually better organize ourselves. Maybe as things unfold it will be a lot more intuitive and people won't feel so lost on how to best use this place, but in the meantime, I just really appreciate your continual efforts, rants and realizations. you not only say what people are thinking you are thinking about things people haven't even discovered yet and already are coming up with solutions. Bravo, good Sir, Bravo.

just another amazing idea. I'll try to participate always that's possible

I'm new in Steemit. I think all of your posts are best helping guidline for begainer

Great post @jerrybanfield ♨ YouTube subs 👍 newbee to steemit
resteemed all but .5 steem away 1st day approved. Most to developer whales who ask for it as a tip to help a newbee get started???? Result NO LOVE SHARED? TY for add't information & guidance ✔

Sorry to hear that . Not enough information available to newbies and they get taken advantage of. It is better to just hang out and see how things are done and learn along the way before getting into it.
Write great posts and comments to build up your following and follow folks that write your interests and you will be on your way in no time. I am just a few week on and on a learning curve too but looking up.

Great advice! I thought I followed others instructions well? Bottom line, I should have stopped and researched a bit more first! To credit of the Steemit platform I was warned with pop up screen "Are you sure?" each time, so kudos to developers for that!

I will follow your steps my best friend steemit happy to join you may start now I will follow you maybe my account more niak votes with thanks for your help thank you cooperation

great post , thanks for sharing jerry you're amazing !!

thanks for this write up its really an eye opener

Even my cat is exited !

Je n'ai pas compris comment tu veux gagner de l'argent avec des post ou commentaire sous - évaluée ?

You share a very good ideas for Steemians in order to help them.

More good people like you , thank you @jerrybanfield

Your just freaking amazing Jerry!! I'm learning just so much from just watching the video's that you post here and on Steemit. So much I would never have known without you! thanks so Much!

I hope to see Steemit turn into a more user friendly social media site like Facebook someday. then they will come.. The people..

I've never written a post here. I need to try how it will work

I don't think those are all necessarily lame reasons for upvoting. I think there are many different reasons for upvoting and different power used for each up vote depending on a variety of factors, which are up to that person to decide. I think we definitely want to prevent gaming the system and spam and bots though. Great addition to the steemit community Jerry!

That's an interesting concept and it seems like a lot of work for Albert. What happens if after the post is submitted it goes over that $1 mark?

The submitter is welcome to include a screenshot to verify it was at that level before submission!

Upvoted you. :-)

I'm so excited about this. :)

very helpful

How do we find it? Follow me and upvote when get feeded ;)

Great concept Jerrry... Love it!

You are always on point @jerry

Thanks Jer <3

Saw your video tutorial when you scheduled the post. Neat!

As the number of people joining Steenit increases, it would make sense that the number of these services would also need to increase for the best overall value.

anyone know how long account verification takes on steemian?

Edit: streemian =/= steemian

Very good idea, upvoted and resteemed.... keep steeming :)

you have always been so helpful....thanks so much...i hope to be of help soon in this platform

Very good and useful guide. I am resteeming to my followers !

this is awesome!

Cool but the conditions are ernomous.

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😀 https://t.co/BqbhIiOdQo

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

This is a great idea. Thanks. I will join you and I'm already following.

@jerrybanfield you do a great selfless job. Especially considering the fact that some of us are still upcoming here thanx. Butvi think i would appreciate a littl break down, i am interested


Cool, always thought that there is need of more curation trails...

upvoted you jerry great work man

Jerry your upvoting strategies are hilarious. Like you said there are many under valued post out there. Kudos. I hope to get an upvote from you soon. Never mind my post. I know it sucks. Lol

Thank you! always with awesome ideas

Great idea Jerry! Lets get to work.

Great work man!

Sounds like a lot of work. But count me in.

Vote vote vote. Let's do this. Voteups our way of life!

Great initiative step to grow steem community

Can I put something fun in?

Spending hours on Steemit reading and finding undervalued posts? Getting paid SBD/Steem for doing something I love? Hell yeah!

I'm in, @jerrybanfield. Thanks for posting this! Up'd and RS'd, my friend.


Upvoted! Thanks Jerry!

To my own opinion I think steemit team should do something about 100s of bots on steemit executing autocomment. I am new on steemit @polaleye50 please take time to check my profile

That's a great idea man ! It can help a lot of people who struggle to get their posts seen and upvoted.

I like it!!! ... Let's get started... 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯

great and informative post
i find the strategy useful and thanks for posting it

Woowww excellent initiative and without a doubt all that gives you returns, I invite you to read my articles https://steemit.com/nature/@etnique/natureday-la-cobra-mas-grande-y-venenosa-del-mundo-la-cobra-real

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