Cover Wednesday :: 5 Spectacular Cover Songs by the imusify Community

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Welcome to our first Cover Wednesday. A curation series where we feature the great voices of the musicians on Steemit.


After we send out a curation post on Sunday, we decided to have another one to break the week: On Wednesday!

If you liked any of their songs, please do navigate back to their blog and give them a thumbs up!

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Lawrence Kansas by @tcpolymath

Original by Josh Ritter


Baby One More Time by @silentscreamer

Original by Britney Spears


Crazy by @addiesworld

Original by Gnarls Barkley

Steemit openmic week 93- Crazy by Gnarls Barkley (cover) from Adelaide Daines on Vimeo.


Gone by @k0wsk1

Original from Jack Johnson


Alright by @edprivat

Original by Jamiroquai

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HEy @imusify I hope you are all good , thanks for the mention!!!!


We are doing great! How are you doing yourself? :D

More and more songs on imusify. People are starting to get awareness.


Let's hope so as we're aiming for the moooooOoooon!

Thanks again for your mention here, @imusify! Much love <3


You're welcome, mate! :D We really enjoyed it so you deserve it.


Really glad to hear that! <3