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If you found your username below in the table, it means that we appreciate you as a content creator and you should earn more.

Our mission is to support undervalued authors! For curation, we are currently using a curation trail that includes 9 people.

@foxyspiritWith The Right Motivation100%
@thevillanChallenge Completed - Chest and Back Day 680 reps on November 30100%
@holoz0rWeekly Steem Monster Alpha Card Report - How many more combines have happened this week?100%
@gamersclassifiedFortnite Secures Coveted Golden Joystick Award100%
@ddrfr33kKi'Teer is back! I need moar Ducats!100%
@msp-wavesMSP Waves on VIMM100%
@astromaniakSmart Media Tokens Whitepaper [PL] cz. 2100%
@lesiopmOstatnio obejrzałem #13 - "Warrior"100%
@marcon[Poradnik] Jak kupić tokeny Steem przy pomocy karty debetowej lub kredytowej100%

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I appreciate the upvote, thanks! I do have some questions for you, though. Who are the people that organize the curation of this feed? What is the metric by which you determine posts are undervalued?

Our witness is created by two people @cyrusik and @txmek. One of us reviews posts from different categories and evaluates their quality. Posts are not randomly selected, we review the quality of content and how much a person has earned, we try to upvote people whose posting value did not exceed $5. We are a new Witness that does not have enough Steem Power to reward more people. Therefore, we have to use 100% vote weight to reward users with the highest possible value. That's why we can only give away 10 votes a day at the moment. We are currently focusing on tags: #vimmtv, #fitness, #gaming, #polish. We try to choose 2 content creators from each tag which together gives 8 votes a day and depending on our remaining Voting Power we add 9 or 10 vote. We belive that with further development we will not have to limit ourselves to just a few tags.

When it comes to streams we are looking at:

  • interaction with viewers
  • quality (image,camera,microphone)
  • earnings
  • an additional advantage is if the person contributes to the development of vimm ( in your case, we saw ur charity stream and we think that was awesome!)
    We are also curators for @vimm and that way we know who is worth our support.

For posts its similar but different.

  • how does the post look like ( general appearance )
  • The subject on which the post is written
  • earnings
  • an additional advantage is if the person contributes to the development of steemit

It's hard to put it into words. Everyday browsing through the posts you start to notice those who deserve support. Just when you read something, you can see if it's something worth help.

Thank you for asking the question @ddrfr33k. If you have any other questions, please write and we will answer without any problems :)