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RE: MAP Rewarder for Delegators and Curators - Update!

in #curation2 years ago

Hi @rycharde, I don't really understand how things work, I only know about curating cool content 😁
I'm currently a curator for Curie and I earn some Steem for the finding fee there.
I'm also curator for C-Squared, where I curating purely for fun. 😁
Is this such a open call for curator so they can get some delegation from you? Sorry for my silly question 😀


Hi, to answer the last question, I do give out some short-term delegations; one reason for this post is to seek out some users that I don't know so that the next round of delegations will see some new faces (new to me, that is!)
But the ongoing support is to be added to my follow list and receive some small upvotes on your own posts - as described above am going back to using my @rycharde account so that MAPR can earn the funds that then support my support of curators :-)

I too was a Curie curator, but had to stop as I have limited online time with a fulltime job.

So, I'd be happy to add you for free upvotes and look out for the next round of delegations - @c-squared are always very kind and promote the posts when they appear.