Boosting Your Curation With TribeSteemUp Members - My First Sample Case

in curation •  11 months ago

In this video I explain how the curation system works and how you can take advantage by supporting @tribesteemup members BEFORE the community trail upvotes the post. The tools you will need for that: - Set up a fanbase for your favorite TSU members at 29 minutes - Observe the behaviour of your account and keep an eye on your voting power

For more information about this read my previous posts:

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@flauwy, I learned even more listening to you talk here. It seems clear that using a bot like that is really the only way to earn the most of the curation reward, given the super complex system on steemit. At least that way you don't waste a lot of time trying to do it manually.

It does make me wonder why steemit was created in such a complex way to require one to use a bot to begin with, if they wish to best game the system. The complexity seems a bit counter intuitive to the goal of organically helping the best content to rise to the top.


With the 1UP system I am building the game will change. Still a bot but it will be so cool and efficient.


Sounds interesting. I just don't put much time into Steemit anymore, given I make so much more on Minds and have had so much more success there. It seems to be snowballing more and more too.

I think I told you before, but maybe not, how I got so burned on steemit. Long story short, over 2 months ago I got a very mean whale mega downvote on 2 duplicate comments that shot my reputation from 47 down to 4. I wrote a post on it Here. If you ever want to read it all, just skip the first part down to "My Story", where it gives a fairly detailed description of what happened.

I've been powering down ever since, but as I mustered up the will to built it back up with posts etc., I had to cancel and restart the power down process many times so I still have another 13 weeks to go. So I've got that under my belt, plus I wish I could put the rest in EOS. That loooong wait getting it out is such a pain. It sort of grinds into me sometimes like now when steem is so far down while EOS has done so well the last week. Oh well... Such is life...

Oh, this is super-helpful @flauwy Answers some questions I was trying to formulate and had not yet asked. Great post. Resteem for easy reference. :)


Cool, I am glad this was helpful!

Great video my friend. I took your advice and am full in on the tribesteemup.

What a great program. I am in the curation trail...I actually keep moving my percentage of vote up..I think I am up to 12% from the 5% I started at. As long as it doesnt sap all my vp, I will keep increasing until I am not able to manually vote for what I need to.

What a great project...need to support it more.


That's awesome. Great to have your support for the community. However, keep in mind that by following the trail your vote will always come AFTER the big whale account. So if you are interested in higher curation rewards you should use the fanbase function of SteemAuto and select a few individuals from the community you particularly like and upvote them at 29 minutes. This way you have more control over your voting power and get your vote in BEFORE the whale account. I actually do both and also follow the trail with a 15% scale vote. It is pretty heavy on my voting power and I still need to balance things out but the incoming rewards are really worth it and I have a good feeling to support some amazing people. :)

Great explained.
I can agree with your method.
If I'm correct you receive curation rewards from minute 27 but not the whole percentaces. (From minute 0-26 the author gets 100% of the curation rewards.) - Sorry if you already mentioned this.
Starting with minute 30 the curators receive 100% of the curation rewards.
So voting before a whale vote in minute 27-30 is always a good option.
That's my understanding so far.


If I'm correct you receive curation rewards from minute 27 but not the whole percentaces. (From minute 0-26 the author gets 100% of the curation rewards.)

No, that is incorrect, I believe. For each minute you get 3.33% more curation rewards. After 15 minutes you get 50% and after 30 minutes you get 100% (of the 25% amount reserved for curators, including the super complicated calculation for who came first and when). Many people upvote after 15-20 minutes to catch all the auto-voters for big users you regularly get high upvotes. This can still be profitable under the right circumstances.

This will be changed with the next hardfork down to 15 minutes instead of 30.

This is so brilliant @flauwy. I really like the community and would like to actively participate in it. My upvote's worth is not that much as of now but still I would like to contribute a little. Setting up my Steemauto right now. :)

Sometimes I don't get the TSU upvote and I don't know why /:


Sometimes the SteemAuto servers are lagging behind. Kenny is usually checking it manually every few days and upvotes the missing posts. :)

If you delegate to @tribesteemup, will your post be upvote?


No and you will also not get higher curation rewards because you give away your Steem Power. TSU is a private community that only works with invites. If you look for upvotes via delegation check out @qurator.

This post is about how to maximize curation rewards by upvoting TSU members you would support anyway because you like their content.


OK, I understand now.

I have and I'm supporting the tribesteemup curation service... Also, my voting power is well used.

This is very helpful @flauwy, thank you for explaining the 30min mark. :)

nice video

Thanks for the tips @flauwy - see you guys on the Q&A tonight!

Thanks for this video!!

Any data on what % earnings are being generated by the TSU fanbase?


That is totally different from user to user. TSU can only have so much influence on the curation rewards. But since everyone gets different upvotes from all sides this is impossible to say.