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It has been too long we've given a little extra attention to some of the good music related posts. Counting the previous ones, we came to the round number 9, being the current number in the series of "CURATOR'S CHOICE".

Since it is an odd number and (physically) a really round number (well, depends a bit how you write the 9, but in computer font terms, it is absolutely round-ish), we focus on a different kind of post content then you know us for.

This edition is for the vocals, the songs...with the promise next edition we'll focus on written posts about and around the topic of music in whatever way including a personal touch, again.

Owww, sometime in the future, we will be sidetracked again, but then towards the electronic music; So you now we get sidetracked once in a while :)

5 Highlights, for 5 Weekdays!

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Get It - Plus a fun slideshow

by @rhyt

One of those artists that is constant in quality as well as entertainment levels. Check out his blog; Full of music recordings and certainly no waste of time to go through some of them.

image source: post thumbnail of featured article

steemit open mic week 109 -original "These days fly by"

by @thenextmotoking

Broken face bones or not, this guy (still) gives a nice performance! Let's give him some cheer!

image source: post thumbnail of featured article

Chasing (original song)

by @quanahjayhicks

This guy is a pleasure for the ears. Don't you think? Press the image below and the play button that'll popup in front of you.

image source: post thumbnail of featured article

Emily King Ft. Break Out The Crazy - Remind Me

by @breakoutthecrazy

DTube is not the most reliable service, but I was sooo happy when it didn't bail out on me when opening the music stream from these girls and boys. So unfortunate the clip is so short! Next time, a longer, a much longer one is allowed! :)

image source: post thumbnail of featured article

Pitchperfect Week #40 - Emergencia de amor (cover)

by @empathetic

Not only OpenMic, but also PitchPerfect attracts quite a few interestingly good singers. Here is one we came across very recently.

image source: post thumbnail of featured article


Let us know in the comment section, whether you have comments to this post, the article series in general, or have suggestions for this series. We are always open for positive criticism and improvements.


written by @edje aka @qsounds
supported by @mammasitta aka @massivevibration

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I just realized that I miss the days to curate top music articles on the platform. Since steemfest I am fully motivated again :)

Very nice to meet you over pierogis with Kevin. I told your story of the hand-drawn tattoo with a guitar string already! Looking forward to keeping in touch. Ono to the moon.

Hahhaa! So cool to see your sweet comment right after my return back home in Vienna!
You made me laugh big time. I might have to tell the whole story soon on steemit.
Such pleasure to get back in touch with the community meeting REAL people. I am inspired again.
Can’t wait for the next one at that “moon” ....soon!
My VP ran down so badly I noticed :( I need to tune back in :) and organize myself with a major maintenance

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Used and Love the scheduled post option in the Desktop version. One little thing; It didn’t select the first image as thumbnail, but the second one. Corrected it through another UI. I used eSteem for Mac.

Great selection. Keep doing such nice job, friend!

Thanks for the appreciation; We’ll certainly continue :)

bless you for all your curation job related with you @edje, @illuminati-inc and @curie

Thanks so much! :)

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