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Since a few weeks the dynamics of Steem is changing. With the changes implemented through the last hardfork of our beloved Steem blockchain, it looks like more users start to curate again and more articles are getting higher vote values. SUPER COOL!

Dynamics and Curation

Sure, the dynamics at Steemit is constantly changing, not only because this recent changes. Due to the downwards spiral of almost all altcoins, including Steem and SBD, we saw a drop in activity as well. This is especially noticeable in the music section of our platform.

For almost two years we've been curating music related articles with the support of Curie allowing us to use some of their vote value. We've seen the ups and downs, the trends, the new authors, the leavers. The dynamics in our community is constantly on the move! Sometimes for the good; Sometimes for the bad. Never a dull moment, thats for sure! :)

What We See

Currently we are in a downward trend; We've mostly seen less and less activities (posts, engagements, comments) that are in some way meaningful. For a few quarters we've seen an almost constant decline in interesting music related articles; Such a shame this is! Apart from a few handful authors, the rest seems to try and milk the system: posting their whole music catalogue from other sources to DSound and DTube without any references, re-posting previous articles and music, stealing profiles from YouTube and other channels including the content, copy/paste from known and unknown sources, never engage with other users, not answering any of the comments to their own posts and so on.

What We Do

Although NewSteem gave some of the authors in our music community larger vote values to their posts, we see a continuation of the decline of ok to good articles to a level it can't get any worse; Or can it?

As a result, we at Illuminati-Inc had to adapt our curation and selection of valuable articles to provide with a small vote (about 80$ct for a 100% vote at the moment). Almost daily we have a few to half of our votes left after digging through the music tags. Since we believe it is a shame not to use our remaining vote value, we decided to randomly go through non-music tags in search for posts that deserve an uplift.

Call to Action

With this post, I do hope the music minded users in our community (YOU!) will up their game and share some interesting stories with us alongside your own music creations. Certainly it is not an issue when sharing some older recordings, but please, make a note of that and add value to such share... and I don't mean just copy whatever text you already wrote on YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp or other channels. Those who are not musicians, please come forward with your music experiences, adventures, photographs, videos, reviews! But please, use your own brains and fingers to create the post, and when copy/paste from the internet, us it only to write your own story around it. And of course, include source recognition.

You and Us

Looking very much forward to your contributions. In the mean time we continue what we started with in 2017; Curate the blockchain and provide some additional value to the undervalued posts and authors!

About Us


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shorter days, falling leaves, rainy days, raving night - it means that summer is over and RAVING FOXES are coming back with new articles from #technofriday and #techno. I've seen that we need to work a bit on those tags to bring back their old shine again ;)

Absolutely, these tags need to be revived again :) With the inspiration of ADE, let us work on this again.

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