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As promised in our latest Curator's Choice edition in which we focussed on music tracks and musicians, in this edition we are back to our core business: giving a little extra attention to write-ups about and around music - in whatever way or form - by Steemians who deserve it!

I believe we've been able to bundle a couple of very interesting articles, published last few days only. Please give these articles a go, I assure you: You will like at least a some of them! :) When not, let me know as well; Simply leave a comment :)

So... without further ado...

Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando!!!!!

by @sandyh

This is a post as we like to see more of in our blogging community: The author writes about his experience attending a festival and offers next to some nice photographs, also a couple of really good tips for anybody going to such events.

My favourite tip, always crash some after party :)

Have a plan for after the show, it's over at midnight so an after party is a great way to finish the night.

And what can beat this recommendation?

And of course, share your experience and write it off on your taxes as a travel blogger's business expense!

image source: cover image of featured article

Remembrance Concert - Lest We Forget

by @kiligirl

Another great report about an event the author attended. You can read about authors personal experiences as well as the authors review of the (classical) singers. Very well written article, with straightforward and effective formatting.

image source: image of featured article

Now Playing Week 45

by @mundarainale

Now Playing is a challenge most of you know. The aim of this challenge is the share with all of us, what our favourite music is and what we are listening to. Mostly, the participants share their track adding some general remarks. A few are adding extra value, like this author does. We love it when favourite music is shared with an interesting story added to it. This one is quite factual with some personal touch to it.

image source: cover image of featured article

Cork Speaker - Brand new way to enjoy music

by @backdm

Those who tried SteemHunt, knows it can be quite addictive. Somehow this service can bring the hunter out of all of us - at least I got hooked for some time :) Some amazing products are shared each single day, with one of them being the cork speaker! It is what the name suggests: instead of a cord, this device fits on a bottle and is a (bluetooth) speaker - in disguise - using the bottle as a sound box. Wondering what the sound will be. I do know, an empty plant pot can do wonders when hanging out at some after party in someones garden without some DJ playing or some stereo system around.

image source: cover image of featured article

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congratulations for the all Steemians mentioned in the Curator's Choice ! good job guys !
honestly i didn't know about Now Playing challenge. thanks :)

Thanks for your support.

All works are awesome!!
Also, @edje thank you for supporting my reviews. It's nice to see your help.

You're welcome :)

Thanks so much for the support!

Welcome :)

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