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in the small town next to the castle is going well. last week 4 new one has move inn. the guards are reporting of victories towards the bandits in the area. they new villagers are getting settle down in small wood shacks to call your own. the town it located on the shoreline, the castle, strong walls guards on the wall and gate. you dream of having your own castle one day. The land is Rich of gold and lumber. but the bandits are raiding the trading caravans. making life hard here.


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How it works and Tutorial
when you are doing your first job you will get a 10% post up vote. it will always be there by playing the game you can grow it over time.

What one job will you do this time?

  • The Gold mine you will get two gold up votes comments 90%
  • TheLumberjack adding a +4% on your post up vote.

  • Jone the guards as a Soldier

The Soldier has two attack using the @ rollthedice its a one hit system the bandits has no attack.
1-3 is a hit and 4-6 is a miss

The amulet you have a option to use a amulet it will give you and +1 to hit. now using the
@ rollthedice and now 1-4 is a hit, and 5-6 is a miss this will lower how much Reward you get. if you are successful.

if you fail you mission will only get 50% vote on your comment

1. jone the castle guards on there attack on a bandit camp your job is to take out a lonely guard to secure the attack go as plan

Reward: 2% up vote. two gold up votes. (-1 comments on using the amulet)

1.Attack a bandit camp two bandits (multiplayer only)

Reward: 5% up vote 4x gold up votes. to all participants (-1% on using the amulet)



Current villagers

@cyber.explorer (up vote level 10%)
@creativetruth (up vote level 10%)
@ecoinstant (up vote level 28%)
@methus (up vote level 23%)
@happyme (up vote level 23%)
@stever82 (up vote level 27%)
@hhayweaver (up vote level 18%)
@ligayagardener (up vote level 15%)
@enjoycompany (up vote level 16%)
@enosh (up vote level 10%)
@mastergerund (up vote level 10%)
@stuffbyspencer (up vote level 10%)
@moncia90 (up vote level 10%)
@secret-art (up vote level 10%)
@gamezine (up vote level 10%)
@maxwellmarcusart (up vote level 10%)
@voxmortis (up vote level 14%)


  • you can increase you up vote level by Delegation.

+3% up vote. Cost 30 SP
if you are Delegation inform me in the comments or on Discord

  • Recruiting +10% up vote level on the first new player you manage to get then 3x Gold up votes for every new player after to get. just make them tag your name in the comments.


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Build Gold mine

two gold up votes has been delivered.

Build Gold mine

the mine has paying out your salary.

Taking up the amulet and chasing the bandits to take over the caravan @rollthedice

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Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 4.

Now I have caught up with them, hit them and take over the caravan.

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every post is a new game. with new mission so this post dont have a caravan but a like initiative . but technical you are now a bandit sins your mission last week was to protect the caravan from the bandits

Oh I see. Thank you for the correction.

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after joining the guards. you are confused it sems the guard are not going after the caravan but they are attacking a camp non the less you follow. they need help to secure the flank you see one bandit. by using the trees yo get in a striking position with one swing of your sword the bandit is down and the flank is secure. the guards attack the camp and secure it. the guards pay you for the help your vote is now 12% and one gold up vote.

Gotta be a lumberjack. I'm here for the long haul.

the lumber mill has increase your % to 27%. :)

I will be a lumberjack this week to build up the lumber supply.

the lumber mill accepting the help and your up vote is now 31%

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