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Hello Steemians!

Welcome to the 25th curation of the Daily Pick. You will find some good, quality and profitable content that I explore, read and choose manually. Don't forget I'm not a bot, just a man who enjoys to read and share! I will explore contents daily, and upvote only good and profitable contents.

And of course, thank you to all the creators who have enjoyed us today by wonderful content! I am excitedly waiting for your new posts!

P.S: You can join me to support good creators and minnows. Don't forget to upvote, follow and join my curation tail.

Daily Upvotes

1@robmoleculeMovie Review: Blockers (2018)#filmEN
2@sherrychanNanshan seafood deluxe#photographyEN
3@soyrosaA great sight in Scotland: The Glen Lyon Dam#travelfeedEN
4@bert0Teoría de la personalidad del Emeeseese#spanishES
5@serenawuSerena畅游欧洲-16- 探访西班牙广场和国家宫🕌#photographyCN
6@jakipatrykI could regularly STEAL 25% of the rewards from Utopian, but I did NOT do that#utopian-ioEN
7@creativecryptoA New Kind of Magazine that Discovers + Rewards Creative Content#artEN

See you tomorrow!

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