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Image property of @jarvie

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Featured Author: @aldentan
Interview With Bboy Thesis: On Depression, Dance, Life And Battling Them On All Grounds

Images property of @aldentan

The first post we will be showcasing today is an amazing interview from @aldentan to BBoy Thias Kem Lopez a.k.a. Bboy Thesis who confessed to her his struggles with mental illness, life and how not giving up and especially his passion for dancing saved his life and set him on a successful path to winning the Silverback Open 2016 a really prestigious event between breakers.

Images taken from @aldentan post

"I knew it was only up to me to turn it around and get back up. I got up every day, searched music, worked out, practiced stacks, flow, one-legged footwork and back/shoulder threads and concepts. I was becoming stronger." - Thias Kem Lopez

Those were just a few words that this amazing dancer gave in a really heartfelt, moving and inspiring interview, the author's drive to make this post is to reach BBoys and people alike who are struggling with depression and mental health problems and encourage them to keep going and on a personal note, depression is no game at all, if you're reading this and are struggling with it, don't let it control your life, seek help, surround yourself with friends and family who love you, you're worth it!

Featured Author: @jarvie
Photographing a Ski Mountain for a friend - (Which picture makes you want to ski?)

Images property of @jarvie

Are you cold? Do you feel the need for ski? Well, you soon will with this amazing photographic post from @jarvie featuring Shay Carl from the Shaytards Youtube Channel OMG OMG OMG he's famous whom will show us a serious amount of snow, no for real is a lot and it's beautiful!

Images property of @jarvie

So my friend took over ownership of Pebble Creek Ski Mountain in Idaho...and I happened to be driving past where he lives and he asked if I wanted to take the next exit and get some shots of the mountain with some newly fallen snow. - @jarvie

Yeah you know just a casual day in our lives taking pics of pristine angelic snow, but seriously the pictures are beyond amazing, not just because the natural spectacle and the famous celebrity OMG but for the quality of them all too, each one of the photographs have a good design and meaningful composition that took the most of every moment these two friends spend together, they want it to use them as advertising tho I say show them number 4, that's the fans favorite. or number 6 OMG OMG OMG!

Featured Author: @neony
Photo of the Day: High Port 354, part 1.

Images property of @neony

Now we move from the top of a mountain to the top of a building but keep your jackets on this in Russia, @neony managed to get access to the highest observation deck in Europe the High Port 354, he had to go up and up on an elevator to the 89th floor then take another elevator for 4 levels more and endure -11 °C that's like 12.2 °F
for the freedom speakers, I got your back wink wink
in hurricane winds that made it feel even colder, yeah talk about passion.

Images property of @neony

I really wanted to shoot the sunset and the night city. In general, I had to go around the site every thirty minutes and take pictures with my hands, because the tripod was useless. - @neony

Yeah the whole experience was a challenge but that wasn't scary enough to our intrepid photographer, just look at the amazing scenery he was able to capture with his camera even trough the hardships of the trip to the top, every single picture is breathtaking, depicting mazelike streets, dancing light and smooth cloud blanket on the top, hand may have gone cold but I think it was all worth it!

Featured Author: @maxjoy
Comercial video - Master

Images property of @maxjoy

After all this interviewing, snow picturing and skycrappering is time to relax and take a time for ourselves and I know someone who knows a place to do just that, yeah it's @maxjoy, how do I know that he knows? Well, because he made a commercial for one of those places and it looks great, every shot of the commercial show us a different way the fine people of that establishment can take care and pamper us, I don't know half of the things people are doing there but hey those people look happy, I wanna be part of that!

Featured Author: @sustainablyyours
A Mushroom Adventure In My Own Back Yard

Images property of @sustainablyyours

We arrive at the end of this showcase and we'll do that with some more pictures, but no more big mountains filled with snow nor huge city skylines, this time we're gonna get up close and personal with some little cappy friends, yeah @sustainablyyours will take us on a trip to see some shrooms yay! I love shroom! hey, no, not that way!

All images on this gif are property of @sustainablyyours

I am not an expert on fungi. I wouldn't even qualify as a hobbyist. I just enjoy taking pictures of natures tiny little details. Sometimes, curiosity gets the best of me, and I find myself trying to figure out exactly what it is that I was looking at. The following post is the result of one such instance. - @sustainablyyours

First, all of those pictures are cool beyond any reasonable doubt, the details on the structures of the mushrooms are great I loved every single one of those pics, but the most interesting part is the curiosity-driven educative content of this post, I very well know the dangers of curiosity and it's wonderful that you start reading something about shrooms and end up knowing more about wolf fart! What? You don't believe me? Go ahead a read the post, then we'll talk!

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @elfranz (Franz) at times with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. All images and quoted texts are the copyright of their respective authors.


Blue Colour of @jarvie 's pictures is incredible, well deserved to be shown here!

beautiful ski photo, we live by Big White and love to ski! The light is captured perfectly here!

@jarvie, your snow pictures are almost warm. There is an affection there -- even through the burrrrrrrrrr! Love it!

Your image are so awesome
Thanks a lot for sharing this image.
And your post and writing are looks nice

Thank you so much for including me on this list! I'm honored to be included among such awesome posts {:o)

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