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Hello everyone, this is the first post in a weekly series of posts showing the results for this bot C.U.B. 1 (Christopher Upvote Bot 1). This initiative was created by: @cmp2020 and @remlaps to try to help curate the authors they find who add value to the steemit community. The authors(88) currently on the list are:

@cmp2020, @remlaps, @primevaldad, @justtryme90, @lemouth, @valth, @curie, @merej99, @l0k1, @titin, @soundlegion, @hilarski, @pcste@robotev, @cryptos@jrcornel, @daveks, @steemstem, @timcliff, @kooshikoo, @claudiop63, @englishtchrivy, @better, @dragosroua, @thisisbenbrick, @explorertraveler, @bitcoinparadise, @steempowertwins, @paulhallman, @nonlinearone, @charlie.wilson, @xntryk1, @therealpaul, @annielee, @hanshotfirst, @joseph, @finpunk, @baerdric, @lily-da-vine, @whatsup, @jerome-colley, @the-bitcoin-dood, @crowdfundedwhale, @williambanks, @biophil, @steempowerwhale, @steemcleaners, @steemprentice, @bleujay, @extie-dasilva, @renzoarg, @ocrdu, @steemsports, @thegame, @steembets, @warrensteem, @carlee21, @colin73995, @philly.sports, @tracilyn,, @music-trail, @luzcypher, @thirstyrecords, @jessamynorchard, @leahmchenry, @michaelstobiersk, @jlufer, @tfeldman, @alexoz, @lukestokes , @marius19, @starttheart, @jonathanyoung, @justhope, @chasingstarss, @batanamatampuhin, @Grisha-danunaher, @vir, @prufarchy, @aprilangel, @stray, @herverisson, @cisah, @nadira, @theanubisrider, @richman, @stephenkendal.

These authors may not be voted on forever as we are planning on making the curating system more advanced than the one that Steem Voter makes possible. 

(Please note that @cmp2020 added typed and added the link for every name on that list).

@cmp2020 is currently on Streemian following the accounts @xeroc, @robinhoodwhale, and @curie

Cub1 is currently voting with 1,082.441 Steem Power. This is his impact on these authors. 

Cmp2020 is currently voting with 3,293.124 Steem Power. This is his impact on the authors the above accounts vote for.

Here is the data from numbers posted on 7 day curators lists starting on December 15th, as well as curation rewards, comparing cmp2020 and cub1.

Curation Score

Today 12/29/16

cub1 - 1,246

cmp2020 - 762

Curation Rank 

Today 12/29/16

cub1 - 138

cmp2020 - 333

7 Day Curation Rewards

Today 12/29

cub1 - 2.518

cmp2020 - 0.874

Thanks for reading this! This is the data comparing cub1 to cmp2020.  Please be sure to check out each of the authors on this list, they are on there for a reason. As always, leave feedback and check back next week. Later!


Thanks for including me on this list! Can you tell me what codebase do you use for your bot? It's Python, is? Is there any git repo?

No, thank you for posting good content! We are currently using to run this bot, but we plan to migrate to using a python code that doesn't require a list of authors to upvote, but rather a list of certain words and phrases that most likely make up a quality post.

Sounds interesting, I'll keep an eye on this :)

Hello, I have a new idea and I hope that you will find a lot of respect and appreciation for more information from here

This post has been ranked within the top 80 most undervalued posts in the first half of Dec 30. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $3.72 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Dec 30 - Part I. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

Hello, I have a new idea and I hope that you will find a lot of respect and appreciation for more information from here


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