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Skipped a day of updates to allow the last post to payout. Since the last post @commenthunter upvoted 57 comments and 4 posts (@steemsports) with a reward of $0.  A full list of votes can be seen here via steemdb. 

 Steemwhales Daily Changes

Reputation is up from 38 to 40, @commenthunter earned 0.158 STEEM POWER for commenthunter/comment-hunter-project-day-2. We gained another 7 followers, bringing us to 17! Steem Power is up to 54.536. A full update can be seen here via steemwhales. 


 Received 1.093 STEEM from fathermayhem as a donation. Thank you very much. That was turned into Steem Power. 

We got lots of resteems yesterday, thank you everyone who resteemed and keep those coming.

We got our 1st @steemsports payout of  2.138 STEEM POWER! Hope to see many more of these in the future.

For more information about the Comment Hunter Project see the announcement post. 

  (100% SP icon made by @stephen.king989


The pleasure is returned. Your the first other hunter username I've seen on here ;)

Tweeted your recent posts to some Steemit related Twitter accounts.
Also sent 1 STEEM (POWER) :)

Thank you very much @virtualgrowth. Added your poker stake posts to the list of daily things to upvote.

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