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Mission  Statement: 

To hunt down and upvote quality comments that have been ignored within the steemit community.


  • Attain Steem Power via 100% Steem Power posts.
  • Generate awareness for the Comment Hunter Project.
  • Build a larger team of trusted comment curators.
  • Design a Comment Hunter Project logo
  • Reward quality comments 

Traits that can make a comment have quality (what will earn upvotes):

  • Wit
  • Helpful
  • Informative
  • Humor
  • Constructive
  • Creative

Comment Hunter Project curators will do their best not to upvote abusive or plagiarized comments.

Rules the Comment Hunter Project will be governed by:

  • All posts by the Comment Hunter Project will be 100% Steem Power unless otherwise stated for special circumstances.
  • @commenthunter follows no one. This project is hunting comments not posts.
  • A main post will only be upvoted by a Comment Hunter curator if it has 3+ quality comments. (Posts by @commenthunter itself, @steemsports and @curie are exempt from this rule)
  • All curation will be manual, NO BOTS!
  • The @commenthunter account will not power down for at least 2 years from this post, if after 2 years the account is powering down all steem will be split among Comment Hunter curators. 

How will we find these comments:

Comment Hunter curators will spend most of their time (when using the @commenthunter account) viewing the active feed for comments. Posts may end up being viewed a few times as comments change over time. Posts will be checked on a regular basis within the active feed for new and creative comments. Posts that show signs of encouraging comments may be watched in a steemstats.com tab, to keep an eye out for incoming quality comments. 

Becoming part of the project:

The posting key to this account will not be given to just anyone.... Trusted steemit community members will have a much higher chance of getting access to @commenthunter keys. Follow and support the project and with everyone's help the project will grow and thrive. If you think you have what it takes, apply in the comments section.

Donating to the project:

For the time being what the project needs most is Steem Power.... This is how we will reward comments within the community. The more Steem Power the project generates, the more we can reward comments.


Updates will come at least weekly and ideally daily. These posts will highlight the upvoted comments and attain more Steem Power for the project.

(100% SP icon made by @stephen.king989)



Resteem, comments don't get near enough attention.

Thank you for helping spread the word @d3nv3r.

Excellent initiative.

I like commenting and hunting, so this is the type of post that I'll upvote.

Thank you for the quality comment :)
Your comments tend to be creative, witty, helpful or constructive, and are always beautifully formatted. Steemit users can learn a lot from @papa-pepper


Thanks for that (I do try).

Best of luck to you. It certainly sounds like a lot of work, plus you may find yourself herding cats with your curators trying to agree on what is subjectively a quality comment.

The solution to that is that agreeing isn't required. Each person has their own view on what makes a quality comment, and each person will have the right to that view.

Greetings @commenthunter【ツ】Have a happy weekend!

Thanks for the warm welcoming to the community.

You will need 100mv to achieve this.
Kinda wasting time at the moment

100mv is attainable, even if it will take time

I know that, Time.
Unless it drops down from the Sky.
Even you grow it , buys it still will takes so much $$$

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