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 Since yesterday's update post, @commenthunter upvoted 50 comments and 4 posts with a reward given out of $0. A full list of votes can be seen here via steemdb. 

 Steemwhales Daily Changes

Reputation is up from 29 to 38, whohoo! @commenthunter earned   +0.378 SP from yesterdays post. We also gained 10 followers! A full update  can be seen here via steemwhales. 


@commenthunter started voting on @steemsports posts to try our luck at gaining some Steem Power for the project. All SBD will go through the burn, then turned into Steem Power. Still working on getting a direct feed, with links to liked comments to highlight them within this post.

 For more information about the Comment Hunter Project see the announcement post. 

 (100% SP icon made by @stephen.king989


I love this project! I'm all for getting rewards to the great comments out there and ideally spurring more people to make their own. They've been an underserved/rewarded piece for a while in my opinion.

Upvoted and resteemed to do what I can.

Thank you so much, a resteem or two is exactly what we need right now. Comments need some attention before people stop making them all together. Comments are a very important part of the steemit system.

Upvoted and resteemed! Great idea!

I'm not quite sure what you are doing, but it seems to be pro-community so I am passing it along.

Quite pro community... Building up SP for a time when we can actually reward comments. Until then just curating them.

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