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in #curation7 years ago

Since genesis yesterday @commenthunter upvoted 48 comments and 4 posts with a reward given out of $0. A full list of votes can be seen here via steemdb.

Steemwhales Daily Changes

Reputation is up from 25 to 29, we had better hopes but it could have gone worse. @commenthunter earned  0.268 Steem Power in interest, other then that no changes. Full statistics can be seen here via steemwhales.

Updates's live comments stream is now being used to find upvote worthy comments as they come in. This awesome tool shows all comments in a live stream. The active feed will still be used for comment hunting.

We are working on a way to easily highlight all upvoted comments within these posts instead of a steemdb link. Doing this with posts is quite easy, however comments are proving a little more tasking.

For more information about the Comment Hunter Project see the announcement post.

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