Buildawhale Curation Digest 07/23/18

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Buildawhale Curation Digest 07/23/18

Thank you to today’s curators: @michaelluchies and @bryangav!


The Universe Portrait Art - How to Enhance Coloring Skills.

Author: @vaansteam
Curator: @michaelluchies

-=- I envy those with superior artistic abilities. @vaansteam is not only a skilled artist, but an engaging teacher. In this post, which includes a fascinating “speed drawing” of his work, @vaansteam guides us through how to enhance our coloring skills while working through a portrait of a young woman. -=-


Macrophotography - One of the fearsome weak animals

Author: @riko
Curator: @michaelluchies

-=- Macro photography is photography of small items displayed at a size that’s much larger than life. In this great display of macrophotography, @riko shows us a venomous caterpillar up close. Read on about this beautiful yet deadly caterpillar. -=-


Halloween Nostalgia: Year 2000, 6th Street in Austin Texas

Author: @nuthman
Curator: @michaelluchies

-=- Traditions play an important role in our lives. Here in the U.S., one time-tested tradition many of us have been a part of is getting intoxicated and embarrassing ourselves on Halloween. Reflecting on a wild night 18 years ago, @nuthman shares memories and pictures of one of these drunken Halloween nights in Austin, Texas, a town that takes pride in being weird. -=-



Author: @nicholasilechie
Curator: @bryangav

-=- Have you been considering joining the crypto world for a while and now you finally made the decision? Before investing and trading your capital, there are some things you should know in order to be as successful as possible and avoid losing money. To help you with this, @nicholasilechie wrote a detailed post with enough information for you to learn everything about the crypto market. He talks about trading, cryptocurrency trading, exchanges, different types of traders, decentralization, fees, volatility rates and many more things, which are explained through examples. Go read the post and learn more about the crypto market! -=-


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