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RE: Pay it Forward Entry - Week 40

in #curation2 years ago

You are doing great to have this really cool woman Ren AKA @rubberduckiemom renxcountytravellerhaveyametrubberduckiemom
she is a addition to Our steemisphere and she also is driving force behind the DISCORD STEEM TERMINAL. Thanks for the feature going to upvote offcourse !
Your Second blogger I upvoted too and gave a tag tip worldsteenmap and travel are more suitsble to attrack more views, just saying
@bengy Thanks for sharing are we seeing you Sunday in Rotterdam?


Slow down! I'm not keeping up with you!!!!!

I'm not sure about Sunday, it depends on what is happening with my family, as my mother is out here and it is her last week with us!

PS: Aren't you supposed to be working?

hahahahaha! Try working with her on the Steem Terminal! haha. She's a force.

yep i am at home so i switch legally hahaah, family first and we will fill you in, we will make a review of the day